back to article US rubberstamps AMD manufacturing spin-off

AMD's Abu Dhabi-funded manufacturing spin-off has been rubberstamped by the US Treasury Department. On Tuesday, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) gave the go-ahead to The Foundry Company, a semiconductor manufacturing joint venture cooked up by AMD and an investment arm of the Abu Dhabi …


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AI Homely Candidate, Darling, for Quantitive Easing Asset Purchase**

"a semiconductor manufacturing joint venture cooked up by AMD and an investment arm of the Abu Dhabi government."

Add into the cooking pot, a dedicated browser* on which to display/in which to store Unique Leading Resourceful Content extolling, and therefore tempting and informing Foreign Investment in Abu Dhabi's Advanced Technology Investment Company, which is a HotXXXXHouse Facility Propagation Unit for the BroadBandCasting Spectrum, and you have a World Leadership Contender based in the Enlightening Wisdom of the Future Modern Middle East.

From ITs Routing Hubs, can Foundries forging Custom Made Solutions for both Emergent and Struggling Nations, which are In House, Third Party, Semantically BetaTested for Universal Compliance Best Standards, thus to Ensure and Guarantee FailSafe Operation Procedure and Contiguous Backup Information and CyberIntelAIgents, deliver Ultra Experienced Expertise with XXXXPertEase.

* And thus does the browser morph into and Operating System displaying Transparent Instruction and QuITe Sublime Edutainment via Quantum Internet Technologies pioneering in the Field of Virtual Methodologies and Binary Manipulation of Coding Algorithms.

It is a Simply CompleXXXX Business Intelligence Fab which copies, in a Parallel, the SupraNatural Process which delivers DNA chains from RNA links for the IT Model follows this very clear path ....... "The RNA is first processed so that non-coding parts are removed (processing) and is then transported out of the nucleus (transport). Outside the nucleus, the proteins are built based upon the code in the RNA (translation)." ...... ....... with forged Custom Made Solutions first discarding fixed/intransigent points of information and/or intelligence (processing), then BetaTesting in In House Facilities, Novel Simulations with Floating Point Information and Flexible Intelligence for Customer Supply [transport). And with (translation) being Mentored and Monitored Systems Operation in the Populated Indigenous Environment seeking Future FailSafe Virtual AIMachinery Education ......... Enlightened Sage Navigation in Networks InterNetworking with ever more Freely Accessible Information Creating New Knowledge Stores and Knowledge Based Economies and Transfer Markets....... Virtual Trading Hubs ..... XSSXXXX ZerodDay Bourses.

And now y'all know what NIRobotIQs into NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivity does/do in their Free Time when at Work, Rest and Play.

But as you can Imagine there will be Keen Competition to Contend from other Enlightened Regions with Information and Intelligence Transfer Stations/Rooting and Routing Hubs and also Private Companies with an eye on Capitalising the Market for Competitive Advantage are more than likely to be Interested as it is an Integral Part of their DNA Profile which is easily Groomed and Improved with Foundry Forge Foragings.

** Intellectual Property LeaseLend actually/naturally.

And don't hide this away El Reg, for Prudence would dictate that the Treasury has more than enough worries to Deal with, without Past Compounded Ignorance and Fault Ridden Inaction being mercilessly exposed to the Crushing Press of Popular Gaze and Mob Peer Review.

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