back to article EMC celebrates record revenue, axes 2,400 heads

After Intel told the world it wasn't going to make its Q4 numbers, storage juggernaut EMC decided it was a good time to give everyone some good news. Today, following the market close on Wall Street, EMC released preliminary financials for Q4, saying that it had approximately $4bn in sales and earnings. That's 13 cents to 14 …


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Anonymous Coward

Not sure about this one...

EMC are a major supplier of the company for which I work, whenever I am at EMC Tower, I always hear people in the staff restaurant complaining about how much they are 'worked' in return for their pay. It is not uncommon for you to hear comments like "they pay well, but they work you for it". In light of this, how much can you cut jobs before you can't respond to anything out of the ordinary, or even anything that is day to day?

This is a pretty typical American corp's employment attitude, pay well, but expect people to work themselfs to death for it. Union? What do you need a union for? Holiday? If you are on holiday, you're not working, why do you need holiday? etc. etc.

I really feel for those losing their jobs and I hope that the board don't knacker their market leading position because of it. If only because I really can't be arsed to replace all our arrays with IBM...

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