back to article Twitter's veracity chewed up by Britney's four-foot vagina

Micro-blogging site Twitter had to temporarily suspend accounts belonging to Barack Obama, Britney Spears and other celebrities after they were hijacked by miscreants and used to spread scandalous and false information that appeared to come from their owners. The attack on 33 celebrity accounts caused Fox News to apparently …


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  1. hikaricore


    I honestly can't stop laughing.

    This is the best thing ever.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Proper name for users

    Surely the proper name for the users of this service is "twits", not "tweets". Twits as in plural form of twit. Twit, as in one who Twitters.

    Mine's the one with the dog-eared copy of the OED in the pockets. (careful, it's really heavy!)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Could do without the last word in the title... C'mon show *some* class =p

  4. Diogenies

    Gadzooks !

    You mean something that was posted on the internet isn't true .

  5. jake Silver badge

    @AC ... What's wrong with "vagina"?

    "Could do without the last word in the title"

    Seriously, what's wrong with the word vagina?

    "C'mon show *some* class"

    You expect "class" in an article that mentions Britney Spears, Fox News, and social networking?

    As you say ... C'mon ...

  6. David Harper

    Re Proper name for users

    Twats, surely?

  7. gabor


    OMFG get the hell outta here with this PC BS.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Proper name for users

    I think there is an even more proper name you could call these users, especially the ones who read Britney's story.

    Paris, because her vagina has bigger teeth than Britney's

  9. Andy Worth


    Yes but...

    "a confession from pop celeb Spears that her vagina was four feet wide 'with razor sharp teeth.'"

    has got to be the funniest thing I will read today.

  10. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: Proper name for users.

    I agree. However, the pronunciation notes in my copy suggest that the "w" is silent.....

  11. Steen Hive

    @proper name for users

    "Twats" more like.

    "Britney's toothy twat twitted"

  12. Allan Dyer Silver badge

    Tiger = 4 foot pussy with razor-sharp teeth

    Is it possible Britney made a perfectly innocent remark about sponsoring a tiger at some zoo?

  13. Anonymous Coward

    @Anonymous Coward

    What do you suggest, fairy? furburger? minge? twat?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That is the best title ever. I don't really understand the hostility towards twitter users that inevitably pops up in comment threads after articles that mention it though. This is the internet. Occasionally you're going to come across people doing things you don't like, and as that particular scale goes, twittering is pretty innocous.

  15. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    To its credit...

    "To its credit, and unlike many of its peers, Twitter gives users the option of surfing the vast majority of the site with the use of the secure sockets layer protocol, a measure that makes it harder for scammers to trick their prey."

    It also turns you into a terrorist, though, since Jacqui/Phorm can't see what you're doing, unless they've forced you to use that "man-in-the-middle router" that I saw on comp.risks yesterday. (In the future, all internet traffic will be encrypted by default, but we'll be forced to give the keys to the authorities, who will stick them in the Uberbase, which they then make available to a few million stakeholders.)

  16. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Haha

    It's a good point. Why can't we all just get along? It's almost as if people *enjoy* getting enraged and feeling superior over nothing.

  17. Gulfie

    @AC "Ha Ha"

    It's the self-importance of the twats that twitter that gets me. Like it actually means something...

  18. Anonymous Coward

    At least...

    ...Britney's four-foot vagina wasn't chewed up by Twitter's veracity. Now that'd be something to see. (not)

  19. HFoster
    Thumb Up

    Re: Re: Haha

    *dies laughing*

    If Sarah Bee isn't a candidate for Editor in Chief of this place, there's something wrong with El Reg!

  20. The Mysterious Panda

    @ Sarah Bee

    "It's almost as if people *enjoy* getting enraged and feeling superior over nothing."

    Well of *course* we do. That's why the internet was invented :)

  21. Mister_C

    @ AC / follow up to Ground Rush post

    We had to find a suitable alternative word in the office after complaints about the C word by some of our office. Roll on a few web searches and we all agreed on "Pompom". Jamaican slang, apparently.

  22. Jerome


    Come on, own up - you're just trying to make up words ready for 2009's list of the most annoying neologisms.

  23. James Pickett


    Might this affect the cult of celebrity? If nearly everything connected with celebs gets fouled up then perhaps the shine will begin to wear off. I do hope so.

  24. David Taylor
    Thumb Down


    It's not the twitters, tweeters, or whatever you want to call them that appear to have delusions of self-importance, at least in this comment thread.

  25. Graham Marsden

    @Sarah Bee

    > It's almost as if people *enjoy* getting enraged and feeling superior over nothing.

    Have you never read the Daily Mail...?!

  26. Tom
    Thumb Up

    Not at all related,

    But someone mentioned the funniest thing they've seen all day.

    WELL..... has anyone seen the picture of Jacqui Smith posing for the '2009 Government Charity Calendar' posted on news biscuit?

    You Haven't!?!?! I best put that right :D

    Give that man a milkshake, i love it :)

  27. Pierre Silver badge

    Ha, twitter....

    The (in)famous blog 2.0 tool finally found a suitable use. Too bad they froze the accounts. Looks like some celebs will have to go back to the old press release method to keep the world informed of their bowel movements. Unfortunately the non-celeb who had their account compromised cannot do the same. I hope the world can survive without knowing when Joe Bloggs goes potty -in real time.

  28. Dave


    "The exception was the hijacked account of President-elect Barack Obama, which directed followers to visit a website that attempted to steal personal information"

    Given the way the US wants all our details to travel there, and the supposed spying activities they undertake, this is sort of appropriate. Unless Obama manages to reverse the stampeding elephants.

  29. Nebulo

    @Ken Hagan

    Not altogether sure you should mention "secure sockets" in this context ...

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