back to article Dell replaces execs in global reorg

Two high-level Dell execs are leaving the PC maker as part of a Meltdown-battling global reorganization. Mike Cannon, Dell's president of global operations, will retire as of January 31; chief marketing officer Mike Jarvis will depart sometime during the current fiscal quarter - which also retires on January 31. According to …


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I've never actually met an Exec who;

a) knows anything actually worth knowing (outside golf)

b) is worth their massive pay rate and/or bonus

c) actually works as hard as a real worker.

Get rid of them all I say!

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Little typo

Cannon was continue to[sic]

Cannon was to continue to.

Only mention it because you made me think the company Cannon was involved and then it was hard to work out what the error was.

As to the event, well who cares about 'em we all know that it is not a matter of ability and more to do with nepotism when it comes to those leading big corporate companies. Often they roam in packs, and you can work out what will happen to a company as one of a particular group gets appointed and then brings in his fellow cronies, who just repeat their old moves.

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