back to article Offline Silverlight and Live Mesh under the microscope

The BBC recently released a new cross-platform version of its desktop iPlayer, for downloading programmes and watching them offline. It may the most prominent example yet of an Adobe Systems' AIR application - a runtime that includes the Flash player and the WebKit HTML rendering engine. By contrast Microsoft's Silverlight …


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A lot to do!

More half-baked horseshit from the World's leading trojan horse. Microsoft have lost the trust of this and forthcoming generations - why give it the airtime?

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No penguin love?

Well, no silverlight love from me then.

"Microsoft is promising cross-platform support for Windows, Mac and (Windows) mobile devices."

Microsoft and Apple are like two peas in a pod using their very own definition of "cross-platform", which to them means "works only my own and the other closed OS".

No thanks, I'll stick with OSS, Java and even Adobe bloatware before I go near either of their closed crap platforms.

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ANOTHER player?

Standards are surely a wonderful thing.

Is that why we have so many of them?


Flash and Linux

Yep, Live Mesh apps can run Flash. I tried it and blogged about it here:

A Linux version is also highly possible based on a comment from Ori Amiga in this video at 15:50:

"The whole point I wanted to make, it's just plain good old HTTP, and if you can talk that, every device, programming language stack is welcome to the party. Some guy walked up to me after the stage yesterday, if you're here I'd love to keep chatting with you, said man I want to write Live Operating Environment for Linux. Can I do that? I was like, hell yeah, we'll hire you, come write it even in-house if you want to.

"But really the idea is the Mesh will never be, there's really, I can't imagine we'll be successful in making people's lives better if we only stick to a Microsoft stack. That makes no sense. let's say, I'd admit, most of my devices at home and my receivers, my TVs, all the media stuff we have, the car, they don't run Windows, and that's ok, there's nothing wrong with that. It's great that my Windows devices are gonna behave really well in the Mesh, but I'd love for everything else that's sort of net connected to behave that way as well."

Does... not... compute... TheRegister... self-implodes.... ;-)

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