back to article Samsung turns to VIA Nano for 12in noteboook-not-netbook

VIA may claim its Nano processor isn't for netbooks, but that won't stop Samsung next month unveiling a 12in notebook-not-netbook based on the chip. According to Asian moles, the Samsung Nano-based machine - dubbed the NC20 - will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2009. Specifications include 1GB …


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To Atom or not to Atom

"The implication is that Samsung had to use Nano in order to use a 12in display. Sounds like cobblers to us. Intel seems to have had no problem with Dell's 12in Inspiron Mini 12 using an Atom CPU - and one for handheld internet tablets, at that"

Might that be because they aren't allowed to use the N270 netbook Atom on a 12"?

As its a bit of a strange decision, seeing every other other netbook has gone with the N270 rather than the Z530.

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