back to article Reg readers say ‘don’t panic’ about the economy

Few would now dispute the reality of the global ‘credit crunch’ and the economic downturn this has triggered, which has already hit in most major economies, and according to many pundits is set to continue through 2009 and beyond. But what do Reg Readers make of it all? This is a question we investigated during our recent ‘ …


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i predict....

lots more exploding pie charts

and what a waste of pie it is.


If I understand this correctly

The common theme with these graphs is that they demonstrate what a bell curve looks like.

Around 30% (15% at either end) are either in full panic mode or couldn't give a stuff. The remaining 70% think that sooner or later things might get a bit tough, or they might not.

The only exception seems to be in responses from those who work for American companies in the financial sector who employ more than 5,000 employees, where they tend to skew towards the "We're all going to die!" end of the scale.

Who'd a thunk it.

Anonymous Coward

I am farily dubious about the results

Everything hangs on retail.

And it is as dead as the proverbial dodo at the moment.

B2B B2C G2C all dead.

G2C is funded by B2C and B2B is powered by B2C, Business to Consumer is kaputzo has been for the last few months. And don't think for one moment that our export market will take it, the pound is still too strong, and there is nothing to export.

QED most businesses that are integrated in the old style ways and that are not flexible to adapt will be going tits up come the begining of 2009.

So, yes I would expect a lot more panic, new businesses are going to have to be formed to get us out of this economic quagmire, taxes have to be dropped, and there has to be massive layoffs in the public sector, sooner than later. If later it will just be larger, and the problems will last a lot longer, we are talking full on grand depression, and total breakdown of society.

So, if we wish to avoid slavery, or a full on revolution, the latter being more preferable, tax spend has to drop immediately, I vote we get rid of the NHS, reduce the police force, build up the military and go off and invade a few countries, but hey that approach only got us the British Empire.

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