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Palm today revamped its Software Store to allow Palm and Windows Mobile users to directly download 5,000 applications and games onto their mobile devices. The store's marketing rap promises support for "over 25 Palm devices, from the Centro to the Treo Pro," but doesn't offer any more system-support specifics. The store also …


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Real Shame

Starting with a Palm Pilot I have always been a Palm "fanboy" ,my Treo650 was full of map programs, encyclopedias, foreign dictionaries and it all worked great and the battery could easily do 2-3 days.

Centro comes out and starts locking up, get a 680 instead works but has stupid battery life.

Not interested in Windows Mobile (bad engineering) or Apple (My kit not Steves) so unless Palm get their act together fast (not holding my breath) looks like Google or Symbian is the way to go.

Still I hope my 680 will hold up for another year or 2 so I can sit on the fence for the moment,

RELIABLE, GOOD BATTERY LIFE, Responsive, lots of Apps, and a PIM that is not Outlook. in that order please.


Notice the ...

Notice they use '...' for the 'more' icon - something I've not seen used except for on the iPhone...


Palm's last chance is the Linux desktop market

Palm needed to release the Cobalt platform so that the Treo could run a modern web browser and a modern media player, but Apple beat them to market with the iPhone and stole their customers. Their retail revenue stream instantly dried up and the channel has too much inventory.

Palm Incorporated is finished if the Apple App Store gets a Palm Emulator before they can reposition themselves for corporate customers that have software lock-in to the Garnet platform.

Palm OS is the only platform that fully integrates and syncs with the Linux desktop, so freetards are the only kind of user that still has a reason to buy Treo hardware. Palm Incorporated could also bankcrupted by an iPhone sync conduit for Evolution, or the success of the Open Moko phone.

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