back to article British Standard explains how to store data for use as evidence

A new British Standard has been published that aims to maximise the evidential weight of electronic information held by companies. BS 10008 sets out requirements for data management in companies to ensure the integrity of information. By complying with BS 10008, "it is anticipated that the evidential weight of electronic …


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  1. Neil

    If it's anything like the BSI spec I'm currently developing against...

    We're all doomed.

  2. Warren Hill
    IT Angle


    More BS from the BS factory ...

    BS 10008 .. thats a lot of BS.

    Seriously its about time we started to define standards and regulations with respect to data preservation, retention and retrieval here in the UK.

    Hopefully it will lead to some innovation and UK based IP.

  3. Andy Billington

    BSI vs HMG

    Can we have a rule brought in that says before BSI tells us how to store data - for whatever purpose - the Government has to go through a year without leaving stuff on trains, losing it with couriers, or just generally making stuff up?

  4. Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

    Does that rule out data from Laptops?

    Most people don't store their data securely behind passwords. Pictures in cameras could be edited or deleted. People may let others use their laptops. Does this mean that ordinary computer evidence is not admissible?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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