back to article Mobile spy app pitched at paranoid partners

If you’re a bit paranoid, you’ll worry that your partner’s doing everything from cheating on you to planning world domination behind your back. But buy them a Nokia with Interceptor Software installed and you’ll apparently be able to rest easy. The software acts like your personal "guy on the inside", because once it’s …


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Good grief.

If you think you have to spy on your partner, why, exactly, is that person still your partner?

Seriously ... If you spy on someone, and they prove guiltless, YOU are guilty. When they find out you spied on them (and they will, Murphy says so), YOU become the bad person, and they dump you.

If YOU prove right, and they are guilty, you're gonna bail anyway.

So once someone deploys this kind of thing, a break-up is probable ... Surely it'd be better for all concerned to just split up and move along with life, rather than drag out the inevitable?


Sixteen hundred quid?!?!

I bet there's no app on the phone at all. They just bribe a telco employee to hack the system.

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