back to article PS3 Home is '2005 tech', says Xbox exec

Sony's Home hasn’t even been out for 24 hours yet, but the PlayStation 3 online community has already attracted criticism from arch-rival Microsoft. Aaron Greenberg, Group Product Manager for Xbox 360, told website Kotaku that he isn’t sure if Home is what people want, because it “feels like 2005 tech in 2008” and “Second Life …


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  1. Mark

    Remember this "news"

    Ohh how we laughed when we looked back to 2008 and saw microsoft saying such silly things.

    Remember folks never go on record with stuff like this, it will ALWAYS come back to bite you...

    Remember this "gem"??

    PS2 is a commercial flop apparently, according to the know-it-all media...

  2. Tim Hale

    "Home is available to download through the PS3 now."

    No. It isn't. At least not in the UK store and not right now.

    XBox exec in PS3-being-not-very-good-revelation shocker.

    Wake me when a) Home is available to download or b) Microsoft say something surprising about a rival.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is that 2005 tech like..

    Nintendo Mii (AKA NXE)

    DVD drives (actually 2000 tech)

    RROD (still very fashionable in 2008 apparently)

    Microsoft need to know when to keep quiet. Those in glass houses and all that....

  4. Vincent

    As a 360 owner...

    I personally think that PlayStation Home looks better than what the Xbox Dashboard has to offer. Can't say i'm particularly bothered though, as long as I can play games on the thing i'm happy.

  5. Tim

    Everybody listen to me! I am important!

    I work for microsoft and want to point out that forty quid a year is a lot less than the free offering from sony and nintendo, and that a 3D interactive social network is SOOOOO old hat.

    Now, look at my nice (but faulty) console with its.....erm...... well let's see now..... Loud fan? DVD drive?......oh no wait.... it has some games, yes! look at all our games, you can play them.... and free online, no wait, for a cost online!

  6. P J

    2005 tech

    2005 tech? and three years later M$ still havent got anything like it?

  7. Mark

    Microsoft's Shit-talking

    You shouldn't talk bad about your competition, pure and simple. I've never heard Sony saying Xbox live was crap. Most companies spend their time concentrating on what THEY are doing, not commenting on what EVERYONE else is doing. Very unprofessional, and demonstrates very nicely how scared Microsoft are of Sony's strengthening position and offerings. This season, I know which consoles exclusives I prefer, and 2009 is also chock for of great PS3 exclusive. PS2 repeating itself again? Looks like it..

    The funny thing about Microsoft, is that they are the kings of shit-talking, at the same time shipping the biggest white turd ever to have (dis)graced this planet.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Virtual worlds and video streaming??! i can't wait!!

    well if you think about it, its not exactly anything to get excited over is it. virtual worlds with avatars have been around for years, before 2005 in fact, and i'm sure video streaming isn't that groundbreaking anymore.

    ps3 fanboys need to realise that they've wasted their money, just like i have, with only mgs4 to play on i wish i hadn't ever bothered.

    good job i was lucky enough to be given a 360 last xmas.

  9. Iain

    Re: "Is that 2005 tech like.."

    Yes, in a shocking revelation, the AC has spotted that Microsoft's 2005-launched console contains 2005-era hardware. Wow, I'm impressed.

    As for comparing this to the NXE, it's rather pointless. Microsoft's update is a prettier GUI for swiftly organising an online party of mates to go play an actual videogame. Home is an end to itself; basically Habbo Hotel with better graphics.

    Microsoft's attack really translates (once you look past the spin) to "we don't think console owners want to play Second Life without the building capabilities". Which may be true, and may turn out to be catastrophically incorrect. Time will tell. Personally, I think the £130 price difference between the two is a bigger factor than how pretty the front-end is.

  10. Mark


    "I think the £130 price difference between the two is a bigger factor than how pretty the front-end is."

    When will consumers realize, you buy cheap, you get crap. It really is as simple as that. Don't buy a 37in Wharfdale from Asda, because it's guaranteed to be rubbish, you are better spending a few quid more and getting something decent.

    Same thing goes for console. Don't buy a 360, cheap unreliable crap too.

    PS. It's not £130, it's more like £100 difference between PS3 and 360. And the cheapo model is pretty much useless, it's so gimped it's unreal. If you want to compare like for like, it's about $40 difference between a proper 360 and a PS3.

    The Argos deal is about the best deal in the country right now. 3 current great games and a 80GB PS3 for £287.

  11. Mark

    Re: Re: "Is that 2005 tech like.."

    "Yes, in a shocking revelation, the AC has spotted that Microsoft's 2005-launched console contains 2005-era hardware. Wow, I'm impressed."

    Sorry the AC got it wrong, the DVD comes from way back in 1998 I believe. So it's actually 1990's hardware in the 360...

    And the 360 was RELEASED in 2005, so it's likely to be 2004 tech in there.... Phew nearly 5yr old tech... Starting to show it's age too, looking at Gears2...

  12. William Andrews
    Gates Horns

    To the 360 fanboys

    First of all, have any of you played HOME? It's the coolest thing ever, I mean the

    graphics are amazing! Take a look at! Just the other day, I called a friend, just like

    on a phone, on HOME! If that's 2005 tech, then 360 is 1990.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    DVD and cost

    Can the PS3 fanboys please stop banging on about DVDs?? In case you'd failed to notice its a GAMES console so yes, the 360 has lots of GAMES, something the PS3 doesn't have. And before I'm accused of being a 360 fanboy I have both consoles but I still think the PS3 sucks for games which at the end of the day is its primary function. The BR drive is nice but it adds little or no value to any games that I've seen so far so isn't really a big deal. XBox live since day one has made it extremely nice and simple to play GAMES online whereas from what I've seen of the PS3 online experience so far its horrible and clunky.

    As to cost, well considering you can buy a 360 for about half the price of a PS3 it takes quite a few years of paying for Live before you get anywhere near the price of PS3 so banging on about price is a bit rich. Most games seem to cost more a bit more on average as well.

    360 is a better GAMES console due to better range of games and better online gaming experience, plain and simple.

    Until the PS3 has a few more games worth playing it'll remain a very nice media centre which just happens to play a few games and the 360 will remain the dominant games console.

  14. Mark
    Gates Horns


    Home is great! I've managed to bag 3 teenage boys already!

    Here is my first impressions:

    Managed to get on an arcade machine at 3am in the morning! But it wasn't very good.

    I bought myself an inflation busting house.

    Set myself up with an Asda Wharfdale telly in my front room.

    Went to sleep alone. Just like in real life.

    Bugger, MS were right. It is like 2005, except I had a girlfriend in Second Life.

  15. Ashley Jones

    Where's my beard????

    1. I have all the consoles and have almost finished added the necessary peripherals to bring the XBox up to spec. The new firmware makes it quieter than a hovercraft if I install the HDD.

    2. Home doesn't allow me to change the shape of my eyebrows or to equip my avatar with a beard of any sort. Without these attributes I am more or less an egg. (With them I am an egg with pointy eyebrows and a goatee)

    I have a peculiar desire to NOT be one of those fatties you see on the news with hunkalicious avatars and want mine to look like me. After the "No Gingers for the Mii" debacle which forced my beautiful redheaded children into going blond, this is an OUTRAGE.

    Ho Ho Ho.

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