back to article Latest Firefox beta gets touchy on Mac

Newer MacBook owners can set their fingers to work on the latest beta build of Firefox, which adds multi-touch gesture support for trackpads. Mozilla this week carted out Beta 2 of Firefox 3.1 sporting new toys like a private browsing mode, improved rendering, a faster JavaScript engine, and stability fixes. Unique to the Mac …


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  1. Adam
    Gates Horns

    Release Date For FF 3.1b3

    "early Feb, 2009 (estimated)"

    So don't expect a 3.1 release until at least March-April.

  2. E

    What about...

    jerk up and down?

  3. Daniel Evans

    Next Tap?

    I didn't know FF came equipped with a bar - but now that I do know, would someone tell me where the bartender's gone?

  4. Gordon Silver badge

    So what!

    There has been a mouse gestures addin for firefox for ages, shortly after the feature debuted in Opera if memory serves.

    All this is doing is giving it the 2 fingers.

  5. Andy Bright


    It's incredible to see how these devices have included better and more commonly used features over the years. I may be getting a touch nostalgic, I remember the good ol' days when Macbooks were mostly used for starting a roaring fire on a cold winter night. Chuck a couple of logs and a Macbook into the fire place, turn it on, sit back and enjoy the crackle of a merry flame, with perhaps a bit of a sing song.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Pr0n mode

    Between multi-touch and pr0n mode, this could get....sticky...

  7. Robin


    Insert finger joke here.

  8. Greg

    Those touchpads are HORRIBLE

    The bosses here have them, so obviously I have to sort them out from time to time. Those mice are the God-awful spawn of Satan himself. For context purposes, I have pretty big hands, and RSI to boot, and those things just make it worse.

    I'll try moving the pointer across the screen. The pad doesn't respond.

    I'll press harder. The pad interprets my one big finger as two or something and decides I want to scroll instead. GAAAH.

    I'll try clicking. The first tap does nothing, the second tap brings up a context menu, the third tap left clicks. What the hell?

    Attempting to use them properly makes my wrists feel like that episode in Voyager with the out-of-phase alien dudes experimenting on people. Wow, that made me feel nerdy all over.

  9. Chris Cooke

    wrong way pinching

    Surely pinching the fingers together should zoom out, not in? And moving the fingers apart should zoom in? That's the way round it works on the ipod touch?

  10. Kenny Millar

    Pinch together / Apart

    Surely you'v got that AFE(*) ?

    Surely pinch together should be zoom out, and pinch apart should be zoom in?

    (*) AFE = Ass for Elbow.

  11. Joe

    And surely...

    Swipe up should move to the bottom of the page - you're swiping it up so should see the bottom. And vice versa. C'est nes pas?

  12. Christopher E. Stith

    older one and two-finger gestures

    page up: page up

    page down: page down

    top of page: home

    end of page: end

    back in history: alt, left arrow

    forward in history: alt, right arrow

    place cursor in location bar: control, l

    zoom in: control, +

    zoom out: control, -

    move cursor to search box: control, k

    find text: control, f

    cycle tabs forward: control, tab

    refresh: F5 (or control, r)

    refresh, ignoring cache: control, F5

    Keyboards do input, too. Who knew?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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