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Paris Hilton

Bit of a "meh" list.

I already own the three most interesting books on the list.

I also own "More Joel On Software" book which was a big, big disappointment: 75% is re-hashes of previous books and the other 25% is economic theory 101 by an amateur and not worth reading.

A history of chocolate? Big woop.

How to be a Geek Goddess? My wife has me to advise her on which Mac to buy. Isn't it bad enough that men are already supposedly redundant in so many areas that we have to surrender this as well? I think not ;)

So overall a big fat "meh".

And Paris Hilton because she knows she needs a real geek.


Devaluation of gods --- 40% less all-powerful now.

Wow, so you get `godess' status in any topic by reading one flimsy book on it?

This topic is closed for new posts.


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