back to article More mobile makers join Android alliance

Open Handset Alliance, the Google-backed group behind Android, has recruited 14 more companies to work on the open-source mobile operating system. The org's new members include major handset makers, mobile service providers, and chipmakers, including ARM, Asustek, Garmin, Huawei Technologies, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, and …


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Anonymous Coward

ARM Linux

ARM joined Android? Does this mark the end of their own ARM Mobile Linux group?


@Arm Linux

No, this means that we will be getting armed androids to march alongside their rifle-wielding, Linux-programmer partners!


@ARM Linux

No, Mr Silly.

Like any sensible vendor, ARM gets engaged in various industry initiatives including Linux, gcc and many other open and closed groups.


re: ARM Linux

can't see why it would, ARM are mainly about the hardware after all, so they ideally want their hardware running any software platform.

Silver badge


No, it's not the end.

ARM unlike Intel is very "open" and non-OS centric. virtually all Windows Mobile/CE, Linux, Symbian, Maemo etc run on ARMs. Virtually every GPS, high end smart media player and smart phone runs ARM.

Android may be open source, but like Linux on Archos, don't expect many (or any) of these guys to make an open handset.

Anonymous Coward

I'd like to think that the mobile industry...

... is embracing Android for the sake of standardisation and interoperability, both laudable aims.

But honestly, I think most are simply crapping themselves over the rise of the iPhone; they just want sanctuary in Googles creation.

If only all of this 'desire for a single stack' came a few years ago, maybe the Jesus Phone wouldn't have been such a shock. Instead, they 'innovated' with crap we didn't really want, and (apart from a few laudable efforts using Symbian and others) just sat around with their own crapware while feature-creeping like the Joneses.

Off now, need to take this 3G video call (like anybody does)!


all your pockets are belong to us?

Does the Googlebeast publish what kind of data it collects and what it plans to do with it?

For example, will it be tracking and selling your 'movements'?

I guess that information could be of value to both sewage companies and the drain dwelling data pimps?

I find the whole thing rather unsavoury and unsettling, yes you get a minor advance in phone technology and a shiny new OS to tinker with but at the cost of your privacy?

or is privacy rapidly becoming an outdated concept?

I guess in a world of no privacy then there is just "Rite" or "Rong", but who decides those parameters?

The loony Home Secretary Wacki Jacqui?

All it would take is a couple more homeland terrorist attacks and the definitions of Rite & Rong could be tightened and then standing in the back of a garden centre comparing the costs of the stores fertilizer with that of an on-line supplier could have you on a "list" if say the garden centre backed on to a Mosque?

PIM: "you have searched for fertilizer, did you mean to search for nails?"

User Profile 101: "hmm I could do with some nails to fix the fence that blew down, yes"

PIM: "your activity has been flagged inappropriate citizen, lay on the floor immediately and place your device in front of you, a collection team will be with you shortly"

User Profile 101: "wuh?"

PIM: "Open your Maps app you will be able to track the arrival of your collection team"

User Profile 101: "wha?"

PIM: "We notice that you have previously searched for aluminium sheeting, did you mean to search for tin foil hat?"

User Profile 101: "oh sweet jesus!" <hits the end key repeatedly>


User Profile 101: "WTF!?! WTF?!? WHY!! ?! I DIDDN'T DO THAT!?! HOLY CRAP!!!"

PIM: "Download complete"

User Profile 101: "What?!!! ARGH NOOO!" <movie clip starts playing> <throws handset in ornamental fountain>

PIM: "your Collection Team has arrived, oh goaty oh goaty oh goaty oh"

User Profile 101: "I'm innocent!"

Collection team agent 75: "of course sir, Please be aware that wilful destruction of Local Googlement property is againstt the law and..."

Collection team agent 62: "We've located his PIM sir, it seems to be showing some kind of extreme p0rn sir, hold on, a message has just arrived"

PIM: "We notice that you have shown interest in ornamental fountains, did you mean to search for garden waste disposal?"

Hooded Yoof outside Mosque 008: "haha Amitt that's the third crinkly you've nailed this week! high sc0rez man!!"


A real phone manufacturer

WOW, so someone who actually knows how to make a darn phone is working on a handset. HTC are really rubish when it comes to build quality, camera speed, speaker quality. The main one here being speaker quality. Has anyone tried to use the G1 on speaker phone? I think they are taking the p***.

We shouldn't even talk about the camera...

Sony Ericsson on the other hand have some awesome phones out right now. Adding Android will hopefully give them some really good smart phones again. Lets just ignore the windows mobile fail^H^H^H^H offering.

Anonymous Coward


Linux alliances are like Pokemon, gotta join em all.

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