back to article Wal-Mart iPhone a done deal?

It's now a virtual certainty that you'll soon be able to pick up an iPhone 3G at America's biggest retailer. According to stories published today by the San Jose Mercury News and Bloomberg, Wal-Mart employees have confirmed that the iPhone will soon join smartphones from RIM, Samsung, Pantech, Palm, and others on the shelves …


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Jay Jaffa
Jobs Halo

Who gives a shit?

See title...

Barry Rueger
Silver badge
Paris Hilton

Apple + WalMart

HAW HAW! Whatever will the oh so cool iPhone tribe do when every Bubba and Donna-Sue has an iPhone?

Jessica Werkz

@Barry Rueger

Who gives a ....

Christopher P. Martin

Two words...

..."Nokia 1112".

Graham Wallace


I wonder if we'll be getting an "ASDA Price" equivelant?

Mines the one with the overly inflated tax bill in the pocket...

Jobs Halo

re: Apple + WalMart

"HAW HAW! Whatever will the oh so cool iPhone tribe do when every Bubba and Donna-Sue has an iPhone?"

Probably continue to use and enjoy their iPhones. Lots of people, myself included, bought the thing because it's good and it does what we want. Any "coolness" is a bonus, and why should we find it a problem if poor people can now afford something good? Only some shallow loather of the poor would have a problem with that. Pity that due to the recession you're more likely to end up down there among the huddled masses, friend.

Anonymous Coward

@iPhone haters

i dont get the iPhone hate, I use one, its an excellent phone, its a good ipod and it works fairly well as a PDA... The only thing that is a bit poor is the camera.

Anonymous Coward
Thumb Up

@Barry Rueger

Easy... we'll laugh as they try and work out how to use a phone with no keyboard. Oh, and bubba's fingers will be so fat that he won't be able to use the UI properly...

And just because the ghettos get the Jesus Phone it doesn't mean that they'll mix with the rest of the tribe any more than they do already...


you will be assimilated . . .

. . . whether or not you give a shit. Apple will quite probably overtake Nokia in total gross margins earned from cellphones this quarter, and there's not a lot Nokia can do about it. iPhone isn't going to be "cool", it's going to be everywhere. Using another brand may well be viewed by ordinary folk as rather like driving a kit car.

Scott Mckenzie


I bought the iPhone cos it's a great phone and does everything i want/need from it...

Not everyone buys something because they think it makes them look cool, that's really quite sad... clearly it affects you though, so maybe go take a lie down and worry less about what other people think of you,

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

AT&T's survey company already leaked it

AT&T sent me a email survey Saturday for my iPhone, and Wal-Mart was one of my purchase location choices. Must be true!

Anonymous Coward

Don't do it, Apple

Remember when the RAZR was "cool" and "hip?"

And then, Motorola decided to drop the price. "Everyone can have one!"

And then it wasn't so cool anymore - it became a commodity. Price fell into the "not making any money on these anymore" floor - and how is MOT stock doing today?

Don't bite that apple ... er ... Apple.

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