back to article Fresh blood planned for Sun's board

Sun Microsystems' board is getting some fresh blood with two new independent directors, after its largest investor stepped up involvement in the company. Sun and US-private investment firm Southeastern Asset Management said Monday they've entered into an agreement to expand Sun's board with the two individuals. The directors …


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Dead Vulture

And there will be "fresh blood" in HQ I assume

The natives are restless and the lords are pisssed. Too bad SE didn't invest the $2.1B in Sun now, they could have bought the company.

Expect a vote of no confidence as soon as the two new members join the board along with the KKR member.

Thanks for the memories Pony. Looks like your break up plan so you can be the CEO of a software only company will not come to fruition. At least not under your watch.

Pere Lachaise


@ AC

"Q: Do you subscribe the conventional wisdom that assigns the blame - either all of it, or part - to Sun’s CEO, Jonathan Schwartz?

A: I do not. The first time I met Jonathan was in a Boston hotel room along with some of my ex-Illuminata colleagues, as he took the reins of the software organization. He impressed me then with his intelligence, insight and pragmatism, and I’m not of the opinion that his intelligence has declined since that time. I have not agreed with some - perhaps many - of his decisions, but I’m also cognizant of the fact that the firm’s portfolio at present - dire though the firm’s financial condition may be - is better than it was under McNealy’s tenure. Significantly so."

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Paris Hilton

Quantum Leaping ...... Big Jumps and Small Hurdles

And the two new independent directors are ......... ?

The company's perceived fate or destiny will be tied to their Active Current History which will show their Usual Direction/Career Path. That would give an Indication as to whether Sun were actually Planning to doing anything Novel and Unusual/Out of the Ordinary for AIdDefinitive Lead.

And not knowing, which is us not being told, is a novel approach for an important announcement which tells us very little of substance.

Look, even Paris is confused by the Ploy Play of IT. :-)

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In or Out

In these times I immediately assumed "fresh blood" meant someone was being culled.


Pony needs to go

Pick your reason. Each one justifies firing Pony

1) MySQL for $1B. It will NEVER have a positive ROI and only pissed off Sun's largest ISV (Oracle)

2) Pricing of T boxes. They are only replacing old Sun SPARC boxes so they should not be priced to compete with white box.

3) "Open Source or Bust" it looks like Sun's strategy of build Open source and they will come is flawed at its core

4) Stock ticker games: JAVA, 4-1 stock split reversal, and saying at the stockholders meeting that he would like to do it again

The one good thing Pony did was make peace with the enemies Scooter created.

Bootnote: For those who hope Fujitsu will come to the rescue just need to look at their recent actions. They spun off their chip business and are now looking to sell their harddrive business.

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