back to article Touchscreen demand hurt Nokia in Q3, says analyst

Nokia smartphone sales fell during Q3, marking the phone giant's first global smartphone sales decline, market watcher Gartner said. The analyst said that Nokia’s lack of a commercial touchscreen device in its smartphone portfolio had prevented the manufacturer from attracting touchscreen-hungry customers. Nokia’s quarterly …


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Paris Hilton

They'll recover very soon...

now that the 5800 XpressMusic has been released; although that probably wont help them much in the Enterprise sector as that's not the phone's target market. Also, the release of the N97, in Q2 09, will help them regain market share. However, again, that device is not targeted at the Enterprise sector.

While I recall seeing that Nokia road map that was leaked a few weeks back, I don't recall a mention of a touchscreen device targeted at the Enterprise market. Perhaps the map wasn't applicable to it though. Anyone care to comment?

Paris, well, because she likes to be touched! ;)

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