back to article Endeavour down safely at Edwards

The space shuttle Endeavour landed safely at Edwards air force base in California yesterday, completing a 16-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The shuttle had been slated to set down at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but weather concerns led to the use of the backup runway. Endeavour will be shipped back …


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I was walking down the road and a spanner fell on my head

At least I know who to sue now ;-)



Good to know it's down safe. The window got smacked by a meteor! Pics here:

Apparently this happens often. I wish they'd talk more about this kind of stuff. I know it's hard to resist keeping quiet on dangerous sounding things but this is REALLY interesting.

Who knew the shuttle got routinely smacked by debris and meteorites - on the WINDOW - and happily bends over an takes it without a loss of crew or loss of mission?

Here's a frickin' sweet photo:

Thumb Down

@ Joe Cooper

Yep! All the press (and in particular The Reg?) keep banging on about is the dozy bint dropping her bag, and the school boy water recycler jokes :-\



I had the radio advert "Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace." in my head reading Joe's post. Now that would make for a funny phone-call:

"Hi, I've got a crack in my windscreen."

"What hit it sir?"

"A loose toolbag!".

"What is the vehicle make and model?"

"BOEING Space Shuttle."

"Does it have Blue tint or Bronze tint?"

<Sound of laughter at 42 miles up!>

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