back to article Sharp ships latest Blu-ray Disc player

Sharp has launched a Blu-ray player that it hopes Santa will want to load onto his sleigh this Christmas. sharp_bluray_BDHP21H Sharp's BD-HP21H: 24p playback The 1080p BD-HP21H player can display video at cinema-like 24f/s - with discs that support it. Ditto Blu-ray's picture-in-picture mode, which the BD-HP21H can also …


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How Pointless...

...this review is.

It's a BR player, therefore a given that it's 24fps and 1080p, there is nothing of substance whatsoever in the above other than to say the product is out....

It's a Profile 1.1 player, therefore will not have a memory card slot, it also has no Ethernet port so cannot be upgraded to a Profile 2.0 player either.

In short buy elsewhere.

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