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Full HD is what we all want, but until the release of the X10 from InFocus, a projector capable of displaying a full 1080p image would have cost you the proverbial arm and a leg. With the X10, the full resolution of your Blu-ray Discs is available below the psychologically significant £1000 mark - that's exc. VAT, sorry - …


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  1. Peter Kay

    Chocolate teapot

    1 chip DLP processors are garbage unless you only ever watch films by yourself and aren't susceptible to the rainbow effect. Unless you fancy pissing off some of your friends or giving them headaches, of course.

    At that price range, buy an LCD projector or if you're mad with plenty of time, go for a second hand CRT.

    Still, at least things have improved over the last 6 years. Now you can buy a crap DLP projector for one grand rather than four grand.. I'll stick to my big CRT projector for now, ta.

  2. Andy
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    Have you ever heard of the Optoma HD800X?!

    "Full HD is what we all want, but until the release of the X10 from InFocus, a projector capable of displaying a full 1080p image would have cost you the proverbial arm and a leg."

    The first sentence gives away this badly researched review already, the Optoma HD800X 1080p DLP projector has been available for the best part of a year even in the UK, for just above 900 quid and with a 6 speed colour wheel which all but eliminates rainbow effect and has gotten very good reviews all over the net.

    But if you search for Optoma or HD800X on TheReg you get no results...

  3. Luna Tick

    @Peter Kay

    When I decided I wanted to go the PJ route poor color reproduction, DLP rainbow or LCD screen-door effects were among my biggest worries. I couldn't (and still can't) afford a top of the line unit so it was either bottom of the crop or a ~36" LCD. I finally pulled the plug and got a 720p HD70 for a whopping $920 and ya know what, I couldn't be happier. Well I suppose I could actually as I'm sure a $5k PJ would have been even more awesome, with many more features. Would-have could-have should-have - fact is I don't have that big a coin to drop.

    Ever since I got it set up my house is fairly often used for movie-nights and none of my friends or family ever complain. Of anything. I don't see any rainbows and no one else ever did, the colors may not be 100% true, but what is true anyway?

    I would agree with you to the extent that HQ = money and if you were watching the likes of the X10 and some high priced, high quality unit side by side it would likely be a no-brainer verdict, but in the absence of that, the only question is do you like what you (can) have - I do. I certainly prefer it to a 50" plasma which is not only twice as expensive but in my case less than half picture size. So when my bulb finally gives up the ghost I may well go for the 1080p X10.

  4. Peter Kay


    It looks like both the X10 and the HD70 have a 4x colour wheel, so the rainbow effect is reduced. I remain a little sceptical though despite the fact it's been some time since I've watched a 1 chip DLP and the colour wheel I saw was undoubtedly much slower. The statement is always that certain people see 'the occasional rainbow' - a few years back I was shown a demo of the batplane sequence in Batman (Tim Burton version) and it wasn't 'occasionally' - it was a rainbow every couple of seconds.

  5. Richard

    Re: Have you ever heard of the Optoma HD800X?!

    Agreed - i'd emailed similar comments to this to the author this morning, no reply or change in article. Seems very strange that even casual research would not bring this up, and makes me wonder if this is based on a recycled press release..

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    @Peter Kay

    Good to see another CRT owner on here. I got a Barco Graphics 808s for $400 last year - utterly black blacks, fantastic shadow detail, and gorgeous colors with some modded color-filtered lenses. And it'll keep on truckin' for another six or seven thousand hours or so, I'd guess - dirt cheap to buy, dirt cheap to run, and will handle pretty much the same resolutions as anything. Love it, love it, love it.

    Then again, it's taken me 18+ months to learn how to set it up and I'm still not done. :)

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