back to article Twitter silenced in Canada

Canada is the latest country to lose SMS Twitter alerts after the company failed to put together a deal that would make the service cost effective, leaving Canucks to rely on internet-based alternatives. The announcement came on the Twitter blog and repeats the optimistic line that the company is working on putting together a …


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More clients!!

I know it sounds silly considering that there are about a million different twitter clients out there for most platforms but there should be a twitter client for every internet enabled phone platform. That means people don't need the over priced sms feature as 10p for a couple of hundred bytes is a total rip off. I have a twitter client for my blackberry and it works like a charm and does not dent my data allowance.

Anonymous Coward

Why twitter

Who wants to read:

I am going for a dump!

I am having a dump!

I have dumped!

I am wiping my buttock!

There is no paper!

I found a small kitten!

It's a bit scratchy.

I am going to A&E, the kitten is stuck!

I am on the bus, I can't sit down because of the kitten. People a starring. People are so rude!

I am in A&E, the doctor has called the RSPCA and mumbled something about "sect-shun".

The kitten is gone, but I am a bit tender. Does anyone know what a "sect-shunt" is?

I am in a van with people in white coats!

They say I am addicted to the internet, twitter and placing small furry animals in inappropriate places. Oh no, I think they may cancel my Twitter accou


incorrect story

hate to burst the bubble, but we DO pay for incoming texts, $0.15 each unless you are on a special plan.

depending on the carrier, each text can cost up to $0.40 (25c to send, 15c to receive), I vaguely remember someone working this out in a cost per meg and it was in the thousands of dollars.

Mine's the one with the deactivated cell phone in the pocket.


@AC 13:08

Please stop. My keyboard and monitor can't take any more coffee being sprayed all over them!



Kaitlyn Kincaid

RE: hate to burst the bubble, but we DO pay for incoming texts, $0.15 each unless you are on a special plan.

Actually, only two of the three TELCOs in Canada charge for incoming SMS: Bell and TELUS.

Rogers does not charge for incoming text messages.

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"then Twitter could return to Europe at least, which seems as good a reason as any to campaign against such a change"

Ha! Nice one.


@ Matt

it depends on your plan with said TELCOs - I get free SMS incoming and outgoing through Bell - I checked with them back when the changes to SMS billing were passed, and they advised that my bill would not be changing. three months of billing later, and still no charge for any incoming or outgoing SMS

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