back to article Financial crisis does for Scottish biofuel plant

Chemical company Ineos Enterprises has "put on hold" indefinitely plans to build a £65m biodiesel plant in Grangemouth, near Falkirk. The company, which already operates a synthetic ethanol refinery in the town, said the "current economic slowdown had rendered the project unviable", according to the BBC. The proposed facility …


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Can we have a icon for this?

Yet another "we hear theres a recession coming, so we'll do everything to make it happen by watching the news a lot and following the panicking herd off the cliff" story.

There will be so many i demand a fractured £ icon, or some kind of meltdown. Or if you want accuracy, depict the US as a cancerous boil killing the whole planet.

Might be hard to squeeze in 32x32, i admit.


This isn't a bad thing

Didn't some folks work out that biofuel was Worse than fossil fuel due to deforestation and such?

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Opportunity Knocks. ..... for GoogleIdD AIR&dDevelopers

Actually,I thought it a most measured and responsible response. Well Played, Ineos and Falkirk Council.

Is Falkirk 42Be AI Silicon Glen ......... Mastering in Black Watch Cyber Security Mentoring?

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And GENeSIS CodeXXXX for AI Real Colossus of an EnigmatICQ Virtual Machine.

Some WwwiZZardry for Ozzie ...... from the Wild Side of Life/SMARTer Sides of the Moon .

And that is not PychoSIS, IT is AI Quantum Communication on Many Levels for Every Age of Understanding from whatever Given BirthPlace ..... Starting Point/Ground Zero.


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@ Xander

"Didn't some folks work out that biofuel was Worse than fossil fuel due to deforestation and such?"

Depends on how you get your biofuel. Not every scheme involves carving up forests. There are schemes to process wood pulp and other waste materials. ( gas, coal and oil are all biofuels, just takes a bit longer to process).

The funding and profit issue is forgotten about and folks are sidelines in to the eco argument. The rush for bio fuels included the quick and dirty palm and corn oils which rely on screwing over large tracts of land to get the end product. The idea being that as oil prices were so high, anything would be O.K. to keep infernal combustion engines running (folks tend to think of themselves first and how they can drive the kids to school and go to the shops before considering deforestation.)

FUD is the marketing watchword - sky falling in and all that guff. It's not as bad as nuke etc. etc.


More to do with the falling price of oil

This is more to do with the falling price of oil than recession-mongering I would think. The falling price of oil has been caused by many things, not just the world recession.

In any case 500 million litres is a piss in the ocean when it comes to the countries diesel consumption.

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