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Silly names notwithstanding, Samsung's recent MP3 players have been a decent enough bunch. Both the YP-P2 and YP-T10left us reasonably impressed. The new kid on the block is the YP-Q1, a player that fits in between the two previous models and is the standard bearer for Samsung's latest sound technology. Samsung YP-Q1 Samsung …


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Decent enough, but...

...proprietary cable connectors is something that seriously needs discouraging.

You see I have a dream - how nice would it be to just reach into your box-o-cables and pull out any old mini-USB cable to charge and xfer music with ANY device.

I indeed have a few devices like that, and I will now avoid any such device with proprietary cables as its just likely to go missing and render the unit non-updateable, and possibly, unchargeable!

Your typical suitable resolve to this problem would be a removable memory card. Just whip the card out into your '5-million in 1 card reader', but . . . oh . . . this unit doesn't have that option either.

Either than that, this device does not stand out above the crowd, especially with its usage difficulties as described.

Boo hiss to Samsung.



Non-standard USB port, bogus video file format, don't they ever learn? Add zero feedback user controls and I think I'll be looking someplace else for my next player.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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