back to article Beatles stay off iTunes cos of 'heavy negotiations', man

Paul McCartney has pooh-poohed the suggestion that Beatles tracks could finally appear on iTunes because negotiations with EMI have once again stalled. The long and winding road to get the Beatles’ back catalogue onto iTunes has proved a huge headache for Apple, which continues to be in talks with the band’s label. McCartney …


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  1. Daniel Garcia
    Thumb Up


    Less Beatles=Better.

    Where is that blue pills?

  2. Stuart Halliday

    So what....

    So get it from Alltunes/MP3Sparks?

  3. Joe K
    Jobs Horns

    Fight fight fight!

    Maybe if the Beatles record company hadn't called themselves Apple, then Apple wouldn't be so confused about letting Apple licence Apples tunes.

    For fucks sake....

  4. Eddie Edwards
    Black Helicopters

    It's not even the real McCartney

    Check out the cover of Abbey Road ...

    This imposter has no right to block the release of the real Beatles' music.

  5. Vincent
    Jobs Horns

    Oh well...

    I'm sure that somewhere else sells tracks by The Beatles already, probably without the DRM too.

  6. jonathan keith

    Screw itunes

    When are we actually going to have some decently-mastered copies of the Beatles catalogue on CD?

  7. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: Screw itunes

    Not sure, maybe when they raise the missing couple from the dead and reform to record better master copies?

  8. adnim Silver badge

    "You never give me your money"

    A daydreamer once heard: "Well let's be honest here, I am a very rich man, I don't really need anymore money, In fact I already have more than I could sensibly spend. As such I have decided to release all of the Beatles' back catalogue for the cost of the media only for non-commercial use. Enjoy people and thank you for making me very rich indeed. Besides most of it is only pissy pop music anyway"

  9. peter

    Cutting off your nose..........

    All parties are hard at work sweating every detail, and maximising return, squeezing every drop of the $multi-millions visions floating before their eyes..... Meanwhile in the real world anyone who wanted the Beetles on their Ipod (other players and music formats are available) has already ripped them or downloaded them.

    Revenue stream if they had pulled their heads out of their own fundimentals....$millions. Success!

    Revenue stream now it is all too late.... $zero. Fail!

    Still, not all bad news. The Lawyers will have got paid (pity it will be at the expense of actually paying the artists - but hey - they are only the ones who actually earnt the money in the first place with their talent so no great loss there then.)

  10. Christoph Silver badge

    @ Joe K

    Yes, it's obviously the Beatles fault for calling their company Apple in 1968 without realising that a computer company would use the same name in 1976.

  11. Adam Williamson
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    "Maybe if the Beatles record company hadn't called themselves Apple, then Apple wouldn't be so confused about letting Apple licence Apples tunes."

    Yeah, those bastard Beatles should have seen the technology company arriving 15 years down the road.

    Anyhow - "Beatles stays"? Come on, Reg.

  12. Jodo Kast

    EMI Floundering

    Me thinks greed is causing the flounder.

  13. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    IT Angle

    Why the fuss?

    Dear Lord you'd have thought it was the recording of Jesus at the last supper we were talking about here. It's a bunch of musicians who managed to make it big many years ago, not the outbreak of world peace! for flips sake!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Beatles songs?

    I thought Michael Jackson owned the rights to those.

    And Mr. Jackson could do with the money about now.

  15. Alistair Young Silver badge

    The wisdom of the McCartney

    "I think the majors at the moment, I'm not dissing them, but I don't think they really know what's going on," he said. "With the download culture, they are floundering a little bit."

    Er, a little bit? Really? Such insight!

  16. James Henstridge


    Michael Jackson has ownership interest in the songs but not the physical recordings. He'll benefit from sales on iTunes, but isn't in a position to license the recordings himself.

    He could rerecord the Beatles' catalogue and sell that on iTunes, but that is probably not what people are after ...

  17. Johnny FireBlade

    Peace and love

    As long as they're negotiating with peace and love.

  18. Daniel B.

    Apples & Apples

    I thought the Beatles' record company was Apple, not EMI, right?

    Anyway, it does sound funny that Apple needs Apple to licence the Beatles' catalogue. I still prefer the old "Apple COMPUTER" name though. That name change was akin to Sun dropping their SUNW ticker; the SUN Workstation is what made them exist in the first place, as Apple was born with the Apple Computer, and later, the Macintosh.

  19. The Envoy

    Remastered CDs 2009?

    @jonathan keith:

    As an article in Mojo Magazine states they've been busy remastering the stuff for the past three years and are now done, I guess it is up to the record company lawyers and PR-people to get those records manufactured and into the stores. As we'll get both stereo and mono versions of most albums the rippers will have a field day getting it all onto Pirate Bay and such.

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