back to article Apple claims MacBooks are world's greenest laptops

Apple may not have scored too well in the latest Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics, but that hasn’t stopped it from claiming that its redesigned MacBooks are the "world’s greenest family of notebooks". Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from In a new advert, the voiceover guy states that a MacBook’s …


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  1. Vik
    Jobs Horns

    If they mean Green to being Sour then yes

    They also claim they have the best browser in the world, the best mp3 player in the world... I can't go on my side hurts from laughing so much.

  2. Nick Mallard
    Jobs Horns

    The Worlds....

    Most Bullshit Using Company?

    "The World's Best Laptop"

    "The World's Best Phone"

    "The World's Thinnest Laptop"

    "The World's Greenest Laptop"

    Spot the pattern. Their marketing department is the most unscrupulous bunch of gits I know in IT, and that includes Microsoft! (Vista Ready!) and they're certainly happy to through around a lot of outright fabrications, yet for some reason get away with it constantly.

    I really hope they get knocked down a peg or two soon.

  3. Scott Mckenzie

    @Vik and Nick - Comedy Duo?

    The sad fact of the matter is that they do... based on sales of individual units in the corresponding markets (or in the case of thin/green) they actually do.

    I know the truth hurts if you disagree, but sorry on this one....

  4. Vik

    Oh dear...

    I didn't realise if something was the best seller then it automatically means that it's the best in the world. In that case Scott you should bow your head to everything Microsoft.

    I know the truth hurts if you disagree, but sorry on this one...

  5. Scott Mckenzie


    I do bow to MS, they make a poor, buggy OS that has sold well as there is no viable alternative for many people - it's not the best OS at all, but then again it's quite specific really, if you want to run SQL based apps it probably is, if you want a straightforward easy to use OS that works well, buy OS X if you like fiddling with stuff but still like a solid OS buy Linux... buy for what suits.

    I work with MS everyday, i also work with Apple everyday - and the Apple products are, generally speaking, far better than the MS ones.

    The iPod is the best mp3 player, it's so incredibly easy to use, it has excellent quality DAC's on board, they have clever add on features - iPod Touch and Nano with Nike+ for instance. If you don't agree that's fair enough, but i'd love to see what is better? Sure it is quite linked to iTunes which isn't everyones cup of tea and the standard headphones are shite.... but i like iTunes and have my own headphones so not an issue.

    Best browser - tough one, the fact they've never claimed that is probably immaterial to you? The claimed the fastest and i believe it is still... but based on what - who knows, or cares. I use it because i like it, i also Firefox because i like it, and Camino, and Lynx, and IE5, 5.5, 6 and 7.... as a web developer you have to you see and Safari is one of the most consistent products when it comes to adhering to web standards, firefox claims to be and whilst it's better than IE it's not as good as Safari.

    As for Best Laptop - nothing touches the Macbooks for performance, style etc... yes you can buy cheaper, lighter, faster etc, but in one package... it is the best.

    Thinnest laptop - argue all you like it is - not relevant in my life but it is the thinnest.

    Greenest - again, it is... no other mainstream laptop is as eco-friendly based mostly on the fact that the vast majority are made of plastic!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not really. The Mitsubishi Pedion and Sharp Muramasa beat it, as well as (if I remember rightly) one of the new Toshibas, and undoubtedly others. Apple, as usual, are full of shit. Remember, this is the same Apple as just got slapped by the ASA for its iPhone lying.

  7. Scott Mckenzie


    Well none of those laptops mentioned are as thin as the Macbook Air at it's thinnest edge... therefore, not as thin.

    Sure there are ones that are thinner than the MBA at it's thickest edge and are uniform height, but basic maths/physics shows that the angled edge of the MBA is thinner overall....

    God i'm sad, but i do love people who bash Apple not actually having a grasp of facts when slating them.

    Oh no, they've had an advert banned for over stating the speed of it.... shock news, company overestimates in advertising!!! I bet you're the kind of person who has a go at car manufacturers when your car does 0-62 0.2 seconds slower, or never quite hits 50mpg aren't you?

  8. Vik
    Thumb Down

    Thanks Scott

    I mean Mr Jobs, for your funny comments. Can we all have what you're on?

    Just as a reference point try and listen to iRiver, Cowon, Creative, Sony and lots more mp3 players, that is if you're allowed. Also, these all support drag and drop so I'm sure it's easier than installing iTunes, setting up a library, connecting the ipod.... is it ready yet?

    Also, when you get the chance visit and you'll see that it clearly states that Safari is 'The world's best browser'.

    Please stop wasting the admins time and post ridiculous comments. Pick up a book instead Mr Jobs.

  9. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    INDEED!! THey are VERY Green .... in Jobs' Wallet.

    And THAT is the ONLY place.

    For a company that was on Green Peace shit list for the WORST to the environment, ANYTHING Apple claims is good for shit.

    News Flash!! iPod Land Fill larger than that of the City of Pittsburg!!

    Sorry, negates anything one sticking MacBook claims.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    @ Scott Mckenzie

    Scott: "Greenest - again, it is... no other mainstream laptop is as eco-friendly based mostly on the fact that the vast majority are made of plastic!"

    Obviously you don't have a clue how aluminium is produced. Tip: Stick to blogging or graphic design, leave the technical stuff to the real men.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Err...

    That argument's long been discredited. Look at my 0.01mm-thick newly sharpened HB! Thinnest ever, y'know.

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