back to article Apple quietly releases Safari 3.2.1

Apple has pumped Safari with yet another update less than two weeks after version 3.2 of the browser was released. The Cupertino-based company has been scurrying to fix a host of bugs in Safari that left many Mac fanboys in a spin, with the revamped browser consistently crashing on launch. Safari 3.2.1 was shoved out the door …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the only fix pushed out

    Apple also snuck out a firmware update to the Track Pad issue that has plagued many of the new MacBooks.

  2. Vincent
    Jobs Horns

    Well, that explains it then

    Today is the first time i've ever used OS X, and I was getting annoyed at how Safari kept crashing, I was thinking to myself "Well, it doesn't 'just work'". Hopefully this fixes it (although i've already put Firefox on to it).

    For the record, no it's not my laptop, i'm on an IT Course with nothing to do, so I asked if I could try out one of the MacBooks for the day. So you can't rag on to me about wasting money on a MacBook. =p

    Evil Jobs, because, well, because.

  3. Robert Flatters

    Testing.....Apple must have missed that bit

    Apple needs to get a grip on their time scales and should give enough time for testing and bug fixing so that it dos'nt end up as egg on the face. And if Jobbs wants some tester to come in and spot these defects then just shout...well test it to bits.


  4. Andrew
    Dead Vulture

    What did you expect?

    The tone of this article is just idiotic, trying to talk down Apple for making a "quiet" release. When it goes on Software Update it will be deployed automatically on millions of desktops - exactly what other kind of fanfare do you want? TV adverts? A special keynote event at Cupertino town hall?

    And for what it's worth, every single one of the crashes I've seen discussed in blogs and whatever, was caused by people using InputManager haxies to modify Safari's behaviour. Of course these are going to fail when a major patch is released. Just wait for a corresponding update from the haxie developer, and stop being such an impatient moron.

  5. Andy

    "Yet another update"...

    ...meaning, in this case, "one update"?

    Though let's be honest, it's a bit of a push to be getting offensive or defensive about this. zomg bug fixes?

  6. Ian S

    warning 80's crap tv joke

    Would this be the Dustybin patch then? :)

  7. Richard Cartledge


    We have 250 Mac workstations running Safari 3.2 and no reported crashes. I think it is caused by berks who hack/install crap like SIMBL and then forget about it.

  8. Alexis Vallance
    Thumb Up

    What crashes?

    3.2 worked fine for me. No crashes.

  9. Frank Bough
    Jobs Horns

    The Problem Is...

    3.2.1 still fucking crashes.

  10. Ben Boyle


    .... and will they be sneaking this one onto people's PCs via Apple Software Updater too?

  11. Jodo Kast

    Not available for Windows

    There is currently an error on Apple's Download Safari for Windows page.

    If you select "Safari only" it tries to download the second option "Safari + Quicktime".

    I'll think I'll stick with 3.1.2 until it gets straightened out...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    The problem is...

    ...that people are still using Safari.

  13. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    QuickTime crap, too?

    It may or may not filter through Apple update. I don't use it, but I can say that regardless of which option I choose, Safari or Safari + QuickTime, their system keeps sending my SafariQuickTimeSetup.exe.

    Paris, it doesn't matter which option you choose.

  14. Beldar

    Safari 3.2.1 is still bad

    Safari 3.2 is a disaster and 3.2.1 is no better. Safari 3.2 is preventing my AppleMail from accessing Verizon's network (through FIOS) by denying email account passwords, which must now be entered manually. Deleting and re-entering keychain passwords does NOT improve the situation.

    My two Macs that I have not upgraded to Safari 3.2 have NO problems with AppleMail access through Verizon's FIOS, only the two that have been upgraded to Safari 3.2 or 3.2.1.

    Just thought you'd like to know that the Safari upgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.2.x is causing network access problems.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Safari for Win always downloads with QuickTime

    Beware, Windows users - Safari 3.2.1 is always downloaded with QuickTime bundled. I've tried several time now and with different browsers and not matter the option (with or without QuickTime), the installation file is always 50 MB with QuickTime in it! Lame attempt to spread QuickTime with trojan-horse-like behaviour!!!

  16. bill

    Aren't you missing the most important thing here?

    Umm, has nobody else been reading the stories elsewhere about the new "anti-phishing" functionality of Safari 3.2.1 and the fact that it sends data about the pages you request to google? Add into that that Apple's privacy policy does not exclude "3rd party use" of your personal data, and there's a shitstorm brewing here. Your Safari browsing habits could be used by Google Ads in the same way that Phorm plan to use your ISP connection to profile you for targeted adverts. Perhaps the Australian government can get in on the act too, Apple....

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