back to article Verizon sacks Obama snoopers

Verizon Wireless has sacked the workers who had a cheeky look at president-elect Barack Obama's mobile phone records. The company originally suspended all the staff it suspected of having access to the records. The workers had access to call logs, times and phone numbers dialled but could not read text messages or listen to …


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Black Helicopters

Will! Get! Yahoo! Account!

"This is the second telecoms related setback for Obama in a week. It emerged last week that the prez in waiting may have to give up his beloved BlackBerry, due to US rules on opening up the White House correspondence to the public."

He will now change to using a yahoo e-mail account where the security question will be the name of the puppy he is bringing to the White House. Unfortunatly since the puppy will be named afterwards the name will be dictated by the security question and not the other way around. The rather uncommon dog name 4BPDggXq will then no doubt increase it's popularity.

That aside, if you work in telecom and like your job don't snoop into the account to the next president of the USA. If the guys doesn't remember to check the log entries, I am sure the guys from the treasury department will remind them. I bet you in addition to getting fired will get a folder with your name on it within every tripple letter organization in the tripple letter country.

So to the ex-Verizon employees, beware of black choppers.


Why dump the Blackberry?

As long as the email's on a server, and the BB syncs with the server, what's the issue? Surely the server copy of the email (including responses) can be kept?

Now security, that's a different story. (although I find it difficult to imagine that someone as apparently tech-savvy as Obama would do something as "Palinesque" as using an easily-guessed pw. It's encryption I'd be more worried about.

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