back to article Shuttle SG45H7

In appearance, the Shuttle SG45H7 is very similar to the SN68PTG6 that we reviewed earlier this year. But, under the skin, it could hardly be more different. The SN68PTG6 supports an AMD processor with an Nvidia chipset and graphics, while the new model is Intel all the way. The CPU socket is LGA775 for Core 2 Duo or Quad, or …


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Anonymous Coward

But will it play...

You know the rest!


design features - tired lack imagination

the slide case fitting is awkward - over tension clips into case detents would be simpler and effective..

there are no cable / plug supports - easily created with plug slide tray and cable clipover restraints..

lack of hardware activity panel - simply mind boggling that there is still no industry standard lcd panel to provide simple event log , temperatures and hardware = HDD crisis warnings on front panel ..

and the price is just plain stupid... buy an asus or kiss your asus goodbye ..



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