back to article Heidemarie 'Toolbag' Piper set for second spacewalk

Endeavour mission specialists Shane Kimbrough and Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper are getting ready for the second mission STS-126 spacewalk outside the International Space Station this afternoon, scheduled to get under way at 18:45 GMT. Their lisk of jobs includes "the relocation of two crew and equipment translation aid carts, the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    pet spider

    seems like the iss got ist first resident pet :)

    i for one welcome our arachnid overlords (ya never know what space does to em)

  2. Anonymous John

    This was done 35 years ago on Skylab.

    Apparently with more success.

    Mne's the Spider-Man costume.

  3. Aaron

    You're not going to see us lose another bag --

    -- we'll turn off the camcorder first.

  4. Webster Phreaky
    Dead Vulture

    Should have kept Heide with just the Dishes ....

    That way the politically correct FEMALE Astronut would have only lost the "good china".

    ANOTHER REASON, women DON'T belong in the Military or anything other than house keeping in Space. Someone pass the lady the Sponge Mop.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    > "I'm sure we'll find him spinning a web sometime here in the next few days."

    The big orb spiders we see around here are all female.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    What's a lisk ?

    Or do you always speak like that?

  7. andrew mulcock

    up or down

    Was the bag dropped ?

    dropped impies downwards, in micro gravity is there such a thing as dropped ?

    do we need to invent another word ?

    now NASA is great at EVA, and ALSEP TLA's, so whats the new word for dropped in space going to be.

  8. Keith T

    Imagine when she has to face other women!

    Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper, first woman to be put in charge of a space walk, typical NASA payload specialist, probably has a brain the size of a small planet, and looses the tool bag.

    Embarrassment facing the crew ... imagine when she has to face other women!

    As for the boy spider, bet the girl spider gobbled him up.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    What do they do on the ISS?

    Anything other than fixing the ISS, and doing stupid spider experiments?

  10. Pirate Dave

    Movie material

    A missing spider on an orbiting space station finds a tiny crack in the radiation shielding and becomes an enormous, screaming, flesh-eating monster. Godzirra in the sky...

  11. Scott Broukell

    Spider inside her

    Gone AWOL my arse, the remaining spider has just put on a bit of weight!

    Probably became enraged (scared sh*tless) at being forced to go through lift off and then orbital transition and took it out on it's fellow arachnid.

    Poor things, just get the students pissed and ask them to crochet, same effect.

  12. brainwrong


    Some string should stop things floating out of reach.

    Only a short piece, mind, or it might tangle on something.

  13. Peter Bloodworth

    Ahhh, did someone forget

    that spiders are carnivorous and very territorial? I suspect they'll find the dry empty husk of the missing spider somewhere in the tangle of web. This is why spider silk can't be made in commercial quantities by raising hoardes of spiders, they eat each other. Then again, maybe the missing spider is out trying to retrieve the missing tool bag.

  14. Robert Feldman
    Paris Hilton


    "I'm sure we'll find him spinning a web"

    Rather unlikely, as only female spiders spin webs.

  15. Chris C

    Give her a break

    I say give the lady a break. Yes, I had a chuckle over it, too, but we all make mistakes. Yes, her mistake probably cost considerably more than our mistakes. But nobody claimed she was super-human or flawless. She's probably putting herself through more psychologically than any of us could do to her (and likely more than she deserves). Now, if she makes the same mistake again, then reel her in. Otherwise, admit that mistakes happen, and that we all make them.

    On a sad note, given his typical outbursts, I can't tell if Webster is being satirical or not. For the good of humanity, I hope so, but somehow, I suspect he isn't.

  16. Bad Beaver
    Black Helicopters

    well, the almighty wiki

    says that some orb spiders are semi-social. Yet my bet ist that the were not and to avoid the embarrassment of exposed incompetence to the bio unit down on terra firma, the dry empty husk was discarded. Inside that toolbag. Which is why Piper had trouble facing her costronauts. They knew what she did out there.

  17. steven kraft Silver badge

    In other news....

    Peaceful farmer knocked stiff by toolbag falling from out of a clear sky!!

    As for the space spiders--well, I'm afraid there's no stopping them now. I would just like to remind them that as a respected member of the business community, I can be instrumental in recruiting slave labor for work in their breeding caves.....

  18. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Three other embarrassing mistakes

    That's one small step for _a_ man; one giant leap for mankind.

    The space shuttle

    The ISS

  19. Martin


    Dirk, was without a doubt the world's unluckiest Orb Spider. Not only was he captured and

    incarcerated in a perspex prison, but he was subjected to massive G forces and subsequent

    weightlessness while being abducted and taken aboard an orbiting space station.

    In his desperate attempts to escape, Dirk managed to squeeze out of his cage. Hoping to

    find a way to stowaway and get back to Earth, he hid inside a small toolbag.............

  20. zig158

    The right thing

    Nasa is a sick horse, we need to do the right thing and put her out of her misery.

  21. Sacha TF Padovani
    Black Helicopters

    Ah-ha! So -that's- why they won't lose another bag...

    NASA coerced the poor astronautical arachnid into weaving a super-strong toolbag lanyard...

    No just imagine if it slips into some nice warm cozy space suit and start vengefully biting away at the occupant..

  22. Graham Jordan

    "We" made a mistake?

    Don't you mean "I" made a mistake my dear?

    Now go make me some pie!

  23. druck
    Thumb Up

    Re:Give her a break

    Well said.

    Its a shame they weren't wearing the orbital manoeuvring packs, as they could have easily jetted off and collected the slow moving bag, to prevent it being an orbital hazard for the next couple of years.

  24. Maliciously Crafted Packet

    So this is how it begins.

    How long before the orb spiders mutate and one attaches itself to an unfortunates face resulting in its offspring bursting out of the victims stomach.

    I know this can happen as I have seen it on telly.

    Im afraid... very afraid.

  25. Gary

    Spiders in space?

    Are they the ones in Lost in Space or Starship Troopers?

    Mines the one with the DVDs in the pocket.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    "lubrication of the Canadarm2 end effector"

    Insert vague sexual reference joke here.

  27. Ross Fleming


    "orb spiders which may have gone awol from a sealed container"

    Not technically a sealed container then? Unless we're talking about a spider-reincarnate of Houdini.

  28. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    Seems that you primitive and pathetic trolling has not met with the flamewar you obviously expected.

    I wonder what your mother would think of your comments ?

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I know what happened

    Heidemarie sat on the spider. Turn around, dearie and we'll have a look-see.

    Pais, 'cos....

  30. Chronos Silver badge

    Re: up or down

    Perhaps "Unplanned Orbital Insertion?" It certainly sounds better than "accidental test of the NEO tracking capabilities of NASA." Maybe they're getting ready to throw some more useless junk overboard and are looking for a good way to lose it to keep the ecotards from getting upset.

    As for missing arachnids, how many people are aboard the ISS? Was there a leg each?

    Mine's the one with the slightly singed fragments of tools and a grease gun in the pockets...

  31. Anonymous Coward


    Giving them the vote was bad enough, and then they get licenses to drive cars... and look at how badly that has gone.... and now they are playing auto-mechanic on a space station... doing the grease and oil change and they even fuck that up..... and lose the fucking tool kit.

    (Lost that is - until someone cops a supersonic spanner in the head after a de-orbiting tool bag reappears)

    Lose the tool kit - Lose the fucking tool kit.... Well excuse me, since your up in orbit - you'll just have to jump in your car and drive a half mile down the road to the auto shop and buy a new kit of SPACE RATED fucking tools....

    (and they are going to be really - really - really good tools as well)

    Arrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh She LOST the fucking tool kit.....

    She LOST the TOOL KIT.... SHE LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    (should never have allowed them to graduate beyond beyond breeding, piloting the stove and pushing a tea trolley.... )

  32. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hey You

    Hoo hoo!!! That spider is going to get radiated and will grow BIG and he will catch Heidi and buddies in his 3D web.

  34. Jims

    Missing Toolbag

    My girlfriend is constantly misplacing her handbag, but luckily her phone is usually inside it, all I have to do is phone it and we play hunt the ring tone. It's a shame that ring tones don't work in space.

    And don't get me started on the movie potential of a female astronaut lubricating the Canadarm2

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