back to article Nominet top brass reject resignation call

The executives in charge of Nominet, the not-for-profit company responsible for the .uk web address registry, have rejected calls from elected directors to resign and face a vote of confidence from members. CEO Lesley Cowley told The Register that she and chairman Bob Gilbert would not call a company meeting in response to …


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Babes in the Wood.

"She said she knew who had called in the government after members did not, but refused to identify them."

Quite why MS Cowley would choose to assume that exposed position, in an Environment which is Pushing/Pimping/Pioneering Transparency for Better Beta Governance, is something which would have us thinking of her Role Suitability/Fitness for Future Purpose too.

And given traditional Government performance/non-performance, there can be not Benefit to their entering a Virtual Field in which they are the Fag Novice/General Dogsbody. And the Field does not Suffer their Puerile Foolishness either, so also by Natural Default do they disbar themselves with their Gang/Party Centric Shenanigans.

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