back to article SMBs split on tech spending plans

Just as The Meltdown was ramping up to full swing back in September, the Computing Technology Industry Association thought it was a good time to bug small and medium businesses in the US, Canada, and the UK about their businesses' prospects and their IT spending plans in the next twelve months. The news from CompTIA is not as …


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Tools is tools.

I dunno about anyone else, but THIS particular small business will continue to purchase the necessary tools to do the job. Hand tools, power tools, computers, the new Ford diesel dually tow rig, the backhoe (gotta break fiber somehow!) ... hardware in general.

Tools are still a write-off, after all's said and done.

As for software, other than the one box that runs AutoCAD on Win2K (and was paid for 9 years ago, with a couple upgrades since), we only use FOSS and in-house stuff.

Any business that skimps on tools "because they are expensive" are not worth doing business with. In my opinion, of course.

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