back to article UIQ staff put on notice

270 staff at UIQ - the graphical layer left homeless by the launch of the Symbian Foundation - have been put on notice that they could lose their jobs real soon now. But Sony Ericsson is going to cover their pay for the next month or two. The staff, most of whom are based in Sweden, were told on Wednesday that their jobs were …


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  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Sad news

    I much prefer UIQ to S60. My G900 is a joy to use - so much attention to detail throughout. At the same time you can see that some of the applications have been getting a bit long in the tooth - think this has less to do with the UIS and more to do with Symbian.

  2. Andy Watt

    oh well.

    who didn't see this coming? i love uiq, it's only handset numbers from nokia devotees from the old 3300 days who bought into S60 despite it's bloody awful interfac which mean S60 has won. it's beta and vhs all over again.


    i mean, seriously, how many keypresses and menus do you need to send a simple text??

    i'll be the one recasing my p990 and buying a spare.

    farewell uiq, hello awful nokia phones in perpetuity.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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