back to article Plasmon plc sheds staff as investor bails out

The US private equity-funded buyout of Plasmon's US operation has failed, leaving Plasmon plc in tatters. The Kroll administrators are searching for a new company buyer. On Friday a transfer of working capital cash was supposed to be made from Plasmon LLC in Broomfield, Colorado to Plasmon plc in Melbourn, England. But …


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Plasmon car boot sale next then !

I wish I could say that I am sorry to hear that but being one of the first lot forced out of the door I am not.

However overall it is a bad story to read.

I bet Mr Murphy is not so confident now.

Its a great shame as the above story correctly states Plasmon has the right product, just a shame Plasmon needs alot of help at this time.

What with the credit crunch and the economic down turn things must be alot worse in the USA than what our propaganda, sorry news here in the UK says !

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