back to article Sun bundles servers in MySQL blankets

You're Sun Microsystems. You have a server lineup you brag about all the time. You have one of the best operating systems in the world in Solaris. And you shelled out $1bn in cold, hard cash to acquire the most popular open source database in the world, MySQL. And now you have figured out that it might be a good idea to sell …


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Check out

Incredible internet company story.

They run everything on MySQL.....and drum role please.....on Linux on IBM Power systems

Don't go to Australia to get Uggs....just point and click to


What about ICL and IDMSX?

Going back to DB2, at least that's a serious database. MySQL isn't really in the same league, nice though it may be.

Paris Hilton


IBM has been selling the most popular micro computer on this planet with a bundled

db2 (from the beginning)

webserver (since a couple of 8 years)

and a bundle of other stuff

since 1980 or so.

it used to be called as400

it's called system I now.

I stands for integrated.

I think something in the 500K items.

regards RG

paris, because she knew it too......

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