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There's a lot of stuff running on servers that underpin the majority of your organizations applications and end user computing. From operating systems, web servers, through BI and analytics systems, to transaction engines, workflow engines and other forms of middleware – not to mention the development environments and …


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I doubt it ...

"Plough through the questions, share your wisdom and in return – in a couple of weeks - we'll send you the resulting report. Then we'll know for sure."

No. You won't. The questions are poorly thought out, and will lead to a misleading "resulting report". If you want to be taken seriously, go back to school and learn how to create a survey.


Calm down, dear @jake

It's only a survey!

Having said that, I can't totally disagree with this. It suffers enormously from Gus Hedges Syndrome, with so many buzzwords that you can never be totally sure what you are answering. Indeed, I had the feeling by the time I had got through much of it that I was being badgered towards a particular conclusion, or being sold to.

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