back to article Opera update plugs bug brace

Opera has updated its browser to plug a pair of critical security holes. Version 9.62 of the browser fixes a vulnerability in the History Search function which creates a possible mechanism for hacker to inject code. The flaw, discovered by researcher Aviv Raff, left Opera users at risk of attack simply by visiting booby- …


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Anonymous Coward

Worst post ever...

Littered with mistakes, clearly written by someone who has never touched Opera.

1/ Opera 6.2 is about 5 years old.

2/ Presto 2.11 has been used for some time, and only the useragent string was updated in 9.60 a few months back to identify that (so that's not a 9.62 change either).

3/ Why post this today? 9.62 is over a week old now...

Sloppy reporting at it's best...



Hmmm. Mine updated on Monday.

The update is dated 30/10/08


Silver badge

Good timing

I had to upgrade anyway. Yahoo was crashing my earlier version. Or possibly, rather than Yahoo itself, some bit of something in an advert.

But I don't know why my AC software suddently decided part of Open Office 2.4 was a trojan.

Windows 7 or Linux? It's maybe going to be an easy choice.

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