back to article Pentagon spends $442m on 'multiple kill' space interceptors

The US Missile Defence Agency has assigned a further $442m for work on "multiple kill vehicles", designed to let a single American interceptor rocket destroy several orbital targets. The multi-kill capability is seen as vital if the nascent US missile shield is ever to become a credible defence. Friday's contract award was to …


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Nice soundtrack on the video.

Shame about the tech. Need big ass lasers and particle cannons. Ronald Reagan's Star wars kit had much more glamour.

Mines the one with the shiney bling....

Black Helicopters

Still useless against latest generation of Russian ICBM

Latest generation of Russian ICBMs is capable of active evasive maneuvers from the moment it enters Earth space all the way till it hits the target. The only chance to nail them is within the first 40-60 seconds after they have left the launchpad. After that it is "Proshaj tovarish".

So this is rather useless. The only way to shoot such targets is with a non-kinetic system. Kinetic kill vehicles will simply miss.

However it makes one point very clear. Do we like it or not Putin and now Medvedev were right all along. The USA missile defence system is oriented solely against Russian and nobody else (not like we will see a multiwarhead rocket from Iran or Korea in the next 20 years). So in this case we cannot blame Medvedev for making his point clear and pointing short-range missiles against its components.

Sigh... Pork for the usual suspects along with making sure the world is a nastier place every day.Just what we have come to expect from Bush Administration. Thanks god that Haliburton does not make missiles. Otherwise Earth would have been glowing in the dark for a while now.


Let me be the first...

to weclome our new orbital multi-kill overlords.

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re: anon and Russia

I believe that the video and article actually address your concern. Russia has technology that makes intercept problematic. But we are still in a MAD stance with them. A few interceptors one way or another makes no difference. Ditto with China in about a decade. BUT, Iran, North Korea and China for the next few years can only put up limited numbers of warheads, and accompany them with a small set of decoys. This is the operational realm that MKV is aimed at helping. If anybody takes a whim, to send a ballistic missile our way, or maybe even towards Europe. I think it would be nice to be able to knock it down. Or if you doubt the efficacy of the systems, at least make the shooters think twice that you can probably block their shot. Makes it easier to deal with them and NOT start a war tossing nukes.


@Jack Sprague

Who's the "We" white man?

Not being a politician I can't see any benefits from wars, which are fought between politicians treating the lives of yours truly as "collateral damage".

I am a netzian living in a global community.

I now know and can tell you with total certainty that foreigners are not the "blood sucking ghost's" our political oligarchs would have us believe. They are just like me with the same needs, fears and perversions.

They too live under the rule of political oligarchs. I have more in common with any foreigner then I do with my political oligarchs.

After all my foreign brothers and sisters don't force me to pay for weapons so that they can go out and kill my friends with them now do they?

Next pay day just take a look at the deductions figure and think what that money could be spent on if our political oligarchs did not consider us to be "A price worth paying".

Blind militaristic patriotism is like a Turkey campaigning to save Christmas Dinner.

(or when ever you traditionally eat Turkey)

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