back to article Sun starts skoolin' partners on software sales

No-one's ever accused Sun Microsystems of knowing how to sell software, yet the giant is about to start telling other people how they should go about it. The company plans today to start educating members of its Partner Advantage Program in the mysteries of pre-sales and marketing, systems engineering and architecture, using …


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It really makes me laugh.

Marketing. Totally cracks me up how badly they continue to miss the mark.

We have a long established product in UNIX[tm]-like OSes.

We have a long established market for said OSes.

We have a long established corporate footing with said OSes.

We have a long established culture surrounding said OSes.

And yet, still, after all these years, Marketing doesn't get it ... and refuses to allow themselves to listen to people who DO get it.

On the other hand, I guess I'll be making money fixing "corporate UN*X" for a few more years. Keeps a roof over head, and the dogs in kibble.


Sales Training for software

I would have thought it was easier just to do what they normally do and give the stuff away.......

Mines the one with 'Java is the future' on the back


Those that can't do, teach....

...those that can't teach, teach PE.


Those that can't do it, teach it.

and those that can't teach it, go into journalism...

Yeah, cheap shot, but we all have to get our Monday blues antidote somehow..

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