back to article Users pour forth MacBook trackpad woes

An official Apple forum has become a sounding board for numerous complaints that the MacBook’s new multi-touch glass-covered trackpad isn't behaving itself. MacBook_TrackPad Apple's MacBook trackpad: freezing after 50 clicks? Owners of shiny new metal MacBooks grumble that the trackpad freezes after roughly 50 clicks and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Apple in...

    ...form-over-function style-over-substance disappointed rush-out-and-buy-it fanbois shocker!

    Who'd have thought?

  2. Efros
    Paris Hilton

    2 score

    clicks and ten shall be yer lot according to the messiah Jobs!

    Paris cos she prefers to double click her own mouse.

  3. Andrew West
    Jobs Halo


    Not that another Apple first generation product is encountering problems, more surprised that they've left the thread on their forums complaining about it.

    Surely it should have been taken down by now and the complainants mysteriously disappearing?

  4. Alastair

    This is why...

    I'm waiting. I really want to upgrade my Macbook to one of those shiny new Macbook Pros, but Apple are just terrible with the first batches, or even first generations. I have a first-gen Macbook... I've had a mainboard, hard disk, trackpad and keyboard replaced since I got it.

    But they're still such damn good laptops. Everyone just needs to learn to be patient- if their sales went down you can bet Apple would start paying more attention.

  5. Bad Beaver


    Rant by Webster in 5, 4, 3...

    [note to mod: don't bother posting this if he got in before me]

  6. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    Who the hell is surprised at this???

    Hesus Christ!, as they say don't in 'ol Mexico! This is NOTHING NEW with Mac portable GARBAGE!!

    I have a last of the G4 1.2g 12" iBooks, and guess what ...... it (and all of them made) CAME WITH ANOTHER Trackpad FLAW! You can not set the cursor speed above half or it goes bezzerk! Oh, and the Firewire Port decided to CROAK for no fu@king reason 2 months after Apple doesn'tCARE expired.

    Then there's my $2700 G4 PowerBook that became a DOOR STOP at age 28 months with the now FAMED LCD cable flaw ($900 to fix and no garrantees it wouldn't happen again). Meanwhile, my year 2000 manufactured HP OmniBook PIII 1.2g still runs like new. I will never buy anything Apple ever again, but I did just buy another HP, 15.4" Pavillion notebook and love it.

    MacBooks and MacBook Pros have LONG history of Bugs, Flaws and Manufacturing Poor Quality, just as ALL their predicessors do as well - the PROOF is all over the Internet on news reports and blogs. Remember the infamous G3 iBook that the US Govnmt forced Apple to extend the warranty to 3 years because of an over 23% failure rate!

    Get a clue MacTards, Apple sells shit and they couldn't care less if you are effected.

    So lets see if the Reg Tards will print this too, or censor it.

  7. Malcolm Hall


    I have this same problem but I didn't realise it was widely known already. I switched to using tap to click a few days ago, its quieter anyway.

  8. David Kelly
    Thumb Down


    Now we know why you have such sour grapes. You spent close to $3k on a machine but didn't want to spend a little extra to extend the warranty to 3 years? That's your own stupid fault.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    David Kelly

    So next time someone buys an expensive Armani or IDon'tKnowWhat suit, they should buy a tailor along with it?

    The extended warranty is optional in order to give you peace of mind should anything happen after the compulsory manufacturer's warranty. If a high percentage of users face the same problem even if that falls outside manufacturer's warranty, then you should be pointing the finger at the manufacturer really, shouldn't you!! Or maybe you are one of those who think that you need extended warranty with everything you buy,which negates the whole value for money concept unless for certain circumstances!

    I think u need a reality check.

  10. richard
    Jobs Halo

    poor webster

    so webster finally admits to being an ex apple fan and having a pantomine attitude should look after your equipment mate cos my 6 year old g4 powerbook still works great, as does my 8 year old imac dv.....shush shush now cry baby....

  11. Vincent

    But it just works!

    But it just works!

  12. Anonymous Coward

    First gen Macbook?

    @ Alistair

    "I have a first-gen Macbook... I've had a mainboard, hard disk, trackpad and keyboard replaced since I got it."

    Ermm... no, you don't have a first-gen Macbook. You DO have a first gen Macbook case - everything else is new!

  13. David Kelly
    Black Helicopters


    I don't think you should buy extended warranty on everything you buy but to not do so on something as expensive as an MBP is plain stupidity, particularly as it's a portable device and therefore far more susceptible to damage than a desktop machine.

  14. sleepy

    two problems

    It's fairly clear there is a real issue which Apple will have to fix, but it's overlaid on user habits of leaving extra digits (especially thumb) lightly resting on the trackpad, adding one more finger to every gesture, often changing their meaning.

    I have no problems with mine, apart from when I go back to an older trackpad and have to unlearn my new multitouch, buttonless habits.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    How long?

    Article: "An official Apple forum has become a sounding board for numerous complaints that the MacBook’s new multi-touch glass-covered trackpad isn't behaving itself."

    How long before Apple delete those complaints from their forum?

    Anyone taking bets on this?

  16. David Kelly

    @AC: re How long

    Apple have already publically acknowledged the problem, why would they now go and pretend it doesn't exist?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Well seems Apple is releasing a software update to fix the problem. So much for your rant about hardware quality Webster Sulky.

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