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The recession is already knocking on the storage industry's door. A dozen storage vendors' results and forecasts show some already announcing losses and cost-cutting while others are waiting for the hammer to fall. The tape automation business is already affected and drive arrays and data protection software are preparing for …


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Anonymous Coward

This has been up a for a while

with no comment.

I did start a good old rant resplendent with mathematical calculations, showing data usage, but then I thought meh, and sent it to the great /dev/null in the ether.

The thing is who cares, who works in those companies who is interested in technology? It is a bit like the disco ball makers cutting a move in Saturday Night Fever, except they are not staying alive.

We have tons of data storage, a my little conservative calcs should you would have to write a book a day from the moment you got out of the womb to the point at which you were fertiliser for the daisies to fill up a 280GB disk.

Anyway the subject seems special to the writer, so I thought it rude not to have any comments, as it was a double page spread. Aren't most of the disks made in China anyhow?

This topic is closed for new posts.


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