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The Good Book isn't big on things that are half one thing and half another, so the new Palm Treo Pro, which is both a run-of-the-mill Qwerty-keyboard equipped smartphone and a touchscreen handset, may be onto a sticky wicket. Like the man said: “Because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit thee out.” The …


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Looks Good...

....Certainly from reading that it seems as though it would be a far better handset than the Touch Diamonds we have in the office.

If i didn't have a Jesus Phone, i'd be quite tempted by that!

Thumb Up

Got mine this week - but this review is wrong

...but the wife won't let me use it until Xmas. Meanwhile I'm still on my WM6 Pro 750v which IS a touchscreen device contrary to the opening paragraph in this review.

Another error is that you don't have to hold down option to type numbers or symbols. Just press once and then the next characters is a number/symbol. Press Option twice and it locks. Same with the Shift.

The phone is already out on Vodafone under the business section or upgrades. Got mine for £99 on a 18 month £16 a month contract. Or the wife's contract rather hence no serious playing with the thing until Xmas.


3g or not 3g

"Palm hasn't given the Pro a forward facing video camera though in the real world this is hardly a major oversight. Does anyone ever actually make 3G video calls?"

Apparently you need that for video conferencing, as mentioned in the Reg review of the iphone 3G:

"And despite the 3G upgrade, there's no front-facing camera for video conferencing."

Mines the one with the Jesus phone in the pocket, I swear you can see the virgin Mary weeping in the default wallpaper.

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