back to article Plasmon Inc rises from ashes of...Plasmon Ltd

Plasmon rides again. CEO Steve Murphy has successfully negotiated a private equity buyout of Plasmon Inc from the UK-based parent Plasmon Ltd which is in administration. Armed with undisclosed funds from an undisclosed US private equity firm, Plasmon Ltd CEO Steve Murphy has bought Plasmon Inc from the UK administrators of …


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The Plasmon scam

This just seems all wrong.

how can a company go under yet continue trading.

There were alot of devoted staff that have been treated like dog mess and any news like this is just a further snub to ex employees and investors.

I just find it amazing that one persons decisions can affect so many other people.

Dead Vulture

ex-employee grumblings

The IBM news is non news, IBM are doing very little with Plasmon the main movers are GE, HP and Konica, stuffing a fibre interface into a 5 year old jukebox design is not developing. This seems to have been the plan since the UK based MD was ousted, a subtle re-aligning in the US with a final knockout blow. The customer and partners friend is certainly not a friend to employees, the new CEO communicates to staff like they are robots using a language unique to himself. The staff laid off at the beginning of October were herded into a room to be told the news, no notice no redundancy no thank you or any form of communcation from the CEO. Some had up to 20+ years service, hey thats business 21 century style. I wish my former colleagues in the US all the best, for those left in the UK and Europe it is very uncertain once Plasmon Holdings under the mystery backer has finished picking over the cut price remains

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