back to article Judge tells Oracle and SAP to sort it out

US Judge Joseph Spero has told Oracle to tell SAP exactly how much it is seeking in damages if it is proved that an SAP subsidiary wrongly downloaded material from Oracle's website. Oracle has accused SAP subsidiary, TomorrowNow, of illegally accessing Oracle copyright material. It has previously said it wanted at least $1bn …


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Grow up, Oracle

Same customers running Oracle back end database. They've paid licence fees to you. Technet membership is free - you give the stuff away.

How is it in your interests to make it difficult to run/patch your database? Do you want customers to switch to IBM's database?

Give us a clue?

Only throwing your shareholders money at the lawyers.

Grow up.

Anonymous Coward

Putting the cart before the horse

Sounds like the judge wants to find out how much Oracle think SAP should be stiffed for before he decides whether to find them liable or not.

Surely the judge is supposed to find out whether there is liability and only then decide how much that liability is?

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