back to article HP pops out iPaq pair

Hewlett Packard has set its sights on tech-obsessed and always-on businesspeople, with the launch of two additions to its iPaq smartphone series. HP_iPAQ_VM HP's iPaq Voice Messenger: not touch-sensitive... The iPaq Voice Messenger (VM) and iPaq Data Messenger (DM) are both quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge enabled and support HSDPA …


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Jobs Halo

The name...

Did anyone else read it as 'iPaq Air'?






Quick !

Quick ! Shift the Windows drivel out the door before something with Android on ships !

Anonymous Coward

iPhone killer, these stand chance.

Had my iPhone for 2 months before it imploded on itself whilst iTunes was trying to load fw 2.1. It's three weeks later and still no iPhone. Apparently apple are replacing it...... urm ...... when? Nobody seems to know. Great having a phone contract (and paying for it) but no phone. (and no there was nothing dodgy with the phone).

When I decided to get an iPhone 3g, it was a couple of weeks before I was due to go on hols and i wanted a sub-laptop to take with me. That was the factor..... the iphone should do everything I want to get out of a sub-notebook..... and be a phone too.

Put simply..... I believe apple have really shot themselves in the foot on this one. The first "other" company to get this right (and open - android?) is going to be very very wealthy indeed.

Apple got all the sexiness right then slapped on a titanium chastity belt - which has left the iPhone crippled. In other words too many downsides - crippled Bluetooth, non mp3 ringtones, crap text messaging (no forwarding), no cut/copy/paste, alarm silliness, lowres cam, no video etc etc etc - the list is almost endless. Then being locked into iTunes as a phone manager...... Hello.... Hello.... WTF....

Apple COULD have ruled the world if they would have made it more feature rich (at least on a par with other smart phones), open and compatible rather than the usual apple approach "You will do what we tell you, you will have what we allow".

I need a way out of my contract, If I can get out of it - I will be looking for a new phone and certainly these new HP's will be in my sights.

It's not hard to be an iPhone killer IMO. You just have to do what normal smart phones have been doing for ages, implement a decent web browser & a nice touchscreen. Job done.

Lastly the iPhone is my first bit of apple kit....... and it will be the last.

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