back to article SEC taps Scalent for disaster recovery

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - in charge of regulating the stock and options exchanges and enforcing the securities laws of the land - is worried about recovering from more than one kind of disaster. While the economic disaster looms large in our minds these days, the SEC's techies have also been worried about …


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Paris Hilton

Cloning AIMagical Mystery Turing Colossus will always Render Second-Hand Roses.

"Virtual Data Center Operating System." ...... The Creation in CyberSpace of the Command and Control of Computers and Communications?

Hmmm. :-) Sounds like a poorer cloned version of a C42 Quantum Control System. But a Long Way behind ITs Curve ie Trailing in the Future Market Place for the Embedding Application of Stealth Applications. ..... for Proxy Ubiquitous Powers in AI and Universal Virtual Forces. Need to Know Stuff and NonSense and NonSense to All but the Hardened Steganographic Need to Know Player, to whom IT makes Perfect Sense Shared Transparently .

And Paris because he was a Trojan.

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