back to article Circuit City mulls mass layoffs, store closures

Circuit City may lay off thousands of workers and shut down at least 150 stores to avoid filing for bankruptcy protection, according to reports. The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources as saying the second-largest US consumer electronics retailer is considering the culling as a way to get through the holiday season. …


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Blame the Economy

But really they have no reason to exist. And they hastened their demise in recent years by firing almost all experienced staff, so they could be replaced by pimply minimum-wage store fodder.

I never went back after that episode. Fuk'em.

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Come on it is a good thing

You can source directly from China you know.

And if they wanted to the employees you know the ones who do the actual work, they could get together and import the stuff themselves.

Without the management overhead we can beat this world wide recession, they were keeping us all back.

So circuity city a behemoth goes under, the workers break off into smaller groups and source form China. China charges a little more, and manufacturing becomes more of a reasonable proposition for the UK.

Same with starbucks, screw 'em. Employees should make a coffee house, but with regular coffee, and more utilitarian furniture, use less space and stick a sales window on the place. Keep the price down initially, you not paying for the headoffice or management, and people will buy the coffee.

An economy works best when the banks don't counterfeit, as it appears they have been, but when people spend money and do their own business. The enemy, and the only spectre looming is public spending, that can cripple small business and country's alike.

What we need now is lower taxes and the burning of IR35, a message needs to be sent that you can do business, you can create work for yourself, and you can spend your wealth how you want to. Let's make the public sector and corps the victim of this recession, for their own good and for the good of all us. Public sector down to a few % in the country, and with the proviso that they work for us not the other way around. They work for those creating a strong economy.


Not paying for the headoffice...

These are the guys who negotiate bulk buying deals(or screwing suppliers), advertising, WiFi deals etc

Independents are good, but don't underestimate... it's a different business model.

Re: "Public sector down to a few % in the country"

OK, but this is the UK, not the US. Public Sector includes health, education, prison service etc. so it's never going to be small unless all those are privatised.... and that model (eg. in Energy/Railways) has not always proven to be of benefit to the consumer/citizen.


Never bothered with them anymore

They closed 62 stores in Canada last year. Most of the Canadian stores are considered on the small side. Most closed were from the Radio Shack chain they bought a few years ago. Surprisingly, they still can cut out some of the dead stores left. There are just too many around.

I don't even bother going there anyways. A $8 female to female 3.5mm adapter could be bought at another place for $2. Looks exactly the same. Spend $25 on a 6 ft USB cable? No thanks.


news item on tv

$300 laptops this xmas to clear all stocks hanging about, thats not just Jerket city.

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