back to article Symantec gives 3PAR helping hand

It turns out 3PAR needed a bit of help to get its fat-to-thin process working properly. The latest T-class InServ storage array has clever hardware that turns an incoming fat volume into a thin one. This means that if you migrate a storage volume from some other array that does not have thin provisioning - a fat volume - then …


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Law of unintended consequences

So to thinly provision your space costs an extra $695 per server - why not be a bit helpful and indicate how much 3-Par storage $695 would buy.

There are vendors out there who include this capability within their own suite of software, for lesser charges, by understanding the windows NTFS file system and allocated blocks.

Simple dependance on zero filled blocks is 3-Pars limitation here.

In the end it would be helpfull if Microsoft fixed this with a simple delayed process to zero fill blocks which have been released by deletion.

Black Helicopters

Was it only me...

... that wondered why The 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment was getting a helping hand from Symantec?

3 PARA obviously don't need black helicopters.

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