back to article X64 server virtualization maturing already

The box counters at IDC and Gartner know a good thing when they see it, and they both make a pretty good living modelling the economics and shipment rates of all kind of IT hard and softwares. IDC is the first out of the gate, at least publicly, with a model that covers server virtualization. The first pass of the model shows …


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Gates Horns

Itanium, HP, and Dell, who cares...

Itanium is dead as a server CPU... HP is the only real company using it and it's performance is falling behind more and more each day. It doesn't even seem like Intel cares, so why bring it up?

Also, who cares about who's selling more Virtualization? The interesting question is which virtualization products matter. Dell and HP don't have anything of their own as they are just reselling others wares (as usual).

As it stands right now XEN, VMware, MS, Sun, Parallels, and probably IBM are the only really interesting companies in this market.

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