back to article Microsoft greases collaboration on cloud

Microsoft had released the first version of the .NET code that'll underpin collaboration services in the company's planned cloud platform. The company has released Microsoft Sync Framework 1.0, first unveiled in December last year. The Sync Framework is designed to let you add roaming, synchronization, and offline access to …


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First release ?? Really ??

Sounds like they've rebundled Groove which has spent so long being 'really here soon, honest', while being not actually what anyone wants, that I'm surprisd even Ray Ozzie is still interested.

Maybe it's the MS equivalent of vanity publishing - "yeah Ray, we're going to turn that into it's own .NET project for all the .NET dweebs (who can't write their own code bit only glue things together) to wet their pants over"

Ho hum, wake me up when some genuine tech comes along, as opposed to MS goons letting their boss beat them at golf...


Does .NET do FTP yet?

Just asking out of interest after finding out that .NET 1.1 didn't have FTP built-in and I had to call the command line FTP program.

I'd warn any new programmers to avoid .NET and VS like the plague.

As an experienced programmer who had to use .NET for about 10 months I nearly gave up programming. It will let you down all the time is *so* many different ways.

And believe me, if you're young you'll find it difficult to say to an angry manager "Look, if you'd gone with our suggestion and asked us to build you a LAMP based solution it would have been working perfectly. As it is we've now got to program on top of MS stuff using this .NET crap which is, as mentioned, crap'.

It was too late - I was able to sort out the data loading side - but the idiots had changed from unix based diallers to Windows based phone systems which funnily enough never worked properly.

I mean, telecoms kit based on MS software! The salesmen were really having a laugh with that one. Silent calls, unpredictable call dropping, complete system crashes - you name it.

The company went bust owing hundreds of staff their wages.

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Lofty claims

"Sync Framework supports any data and any protocol over any network"

OK, I want to get some porn via SNA protocol over Fidonet. Go!


But seriously, that's a pretty lofty claim for a 1.0 product of ANY type.

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