back to article SpringSource makes OSGi components pledge

SpringSource is taking steps towards becoming an online destination for those hunting open-source Java components guaranteed as OSGi-compliant. The company is today expected to launch the dm Server and Enterprise Bundle Repository with 400 OSGi components for server-side and interface Java apps, hosted on Amazon's S3 cloud. …


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This has been around for a good few months now - I should know, I use it.

It is incorrect to say it mainly has Spring and Apache OSGi bundles in it - it has OSGi versions of all the mainstream open source libraries that I've search for (so far).

You have to much time on your hands as a developer if you want to roll your own OSGi versions as it's an issue of creating the correct metadata and it's a bloody tedious and error-prone job.

I get the feeling that the writers of stories similar to this don't have any first-hand experience of the stuff they are writing about. It always comes across slightly off/wrong/weird.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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